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  1. Hi Alex! Sorry I've been preoccupied with the new term :-. Dexy (moor) is back to 100%! She still is pooping casts and regular poo but she acts fine :-).

    Klaus (my ryu) is doing better as well! I did the full treatment of the triple sulfa as instructed. He/she is really active and the belly has healed completely! The area around the right eye looks a little swollen still however. I've been keeping an eye on it with no change so far.

    Thanks a bunch!

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  2. Hello and welcome!

    I have a moor and to be honest she's my spoiled brat! Personally I like to grab the little ones to try and give them a long life... I'd imagine an older fish has had more trauma from nitrite and ammonia poisioning as well as having to deal with chlorine and high nitrate levels for longer periods of time. Not to mention prolonged exposure to parasites and possible infection.

    I strongly believe that

    If you fall in love with them then get them!

    That's just my speculation though! Best of luck!!

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  3. Just browsing through the thread and wanted to wish your fish the best! He/she is just beautiful. I have a very sick comet so I totally understand the stress!

    Thank you! So far everyone is doing much better! It's amazing what clean water and guidance can do for a sick fishy!

    I wish you luck with your sick baby!

  4. Hi all!

    I ended up doing a 100% wc last night and scrubbed the biofilm off of the floor. I didn't readd the triple sulfa sice I wasn't sure how that would alter the treating schedule. I got up today to find him swimming around happily like nothing is wrong! Should I treat with the sulfa again or leave him be?

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  5. :( Oh my that is quite a turn for the worse, I hope he gets sorted out.

    How has your water changing schedule been altered since the bottom sitting? Have you been wiping down the sides and bottom of the tank? Biofilm builds up fast and can irritate the slime coat of a bottom sitting fish. :hug

    Should I go ahead and scrup, do a change and add more medicine...?

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  6. I've been doing a 100% changes every other to two days depending on how insane my school is. I didn't even consider the bio film =o I'll scrub it down asap! I can't believe that I didn't think of that!

    I just treated with the triple sulfa. do I try to see if klaus will eat the Mms still? He reluctantly ate a tiny bit of spinach last night..

    Can I do anything other than wait for the medicine to work..?

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