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  1. Oh gosh! I'm so sorry to hear about what happened ! I'm really happy that she's doing better today... I can see why you got scared, that bleeding looked horrible!
  2. Oh wow! Congrats on the tank! You did a beautiful job with coordinating all of the colors
  3. Oh wow, they are adorable! I'm almost willing to get a bubble eye now
  4. Hurrah for Luca! He's such an active little fishy . He does look a ton better today Have a good trip, and be safe!
  5. Beautiful fish Helen. Also, giants are fair game! Pix...? Please? I just love them. i have a vid that i recently posted of all the giants.. here: Oh wow!!! I wish my moor and ruy would get that big They are really beautiful Helen! What size pond is that?
  6. That sounds like a pretty decent deal I know Petco has the $1 a gallon sale about twice a year, so keep in mind that you can get a new one for $55 gallons if you were looking for alternatives. The stands are a bit expensive, so I'm guessing they paid close to what their asking for the stand alone. The Penguin is a bit expensive too (about $50 new). I think that's all around a pretty good deal
  7. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I would have been hysterical if that had happened to me . I'm really glad Grimm was able to move the tank for you! Gosh I'm just happy everything is better now
  8. Aww I can't wait to see what they look like when their older . Mama and daddy are sooo pretty!
  9. Tim Burton is amazing! I almost wish he would do a goldfish movie lol!
  10. Luka is beautiful! I'm so sorry I can't be of help, but I'm sending healing vibes
  11. Oh no! I hope Raichu feels better soon! I know he's in good hands
  12. Aww they are so cute! Did you name Jack and Sally after the Nightmare Before Christmas?
  13. Awww, Their all adorable! I love your little chu Those pudgy faces just kill me!
  14. Your babies are both LionChu's right? I can't wait to see what they look like
  15. I know what you mean! Its so nice to have
  16. I found some decent stuff on Ebay a few week ago . It ended up getting eaten though lol
  17. Oh good! I was hoping she wouldn't get a stomach ache ! I just bought some more online. At least I know to set up a separate tank for it lol!
  18. I found that out the hard way lol! I was excited because my Ryukin hated it. He would gulp some, then spit them all out again. I thought I got off easy, but the morning after I had gotten it I went to check on my fish and my moor was at the top gulping them down.. I had the top nearly completely covered, and she ate 3/4 over night!
  19. I got them at the aquatics trade show I've been to a few weeks back. Paid $5 for a pint (!!!!!!) of r.natans and duckweed - and that's really cheap considered on ebay you pay anywhere between $5 and $7.50 for 1/4 cup for duckweed alone. The ricciocarpus natans, I can't even find anywhere online to buy it, except for an ended offer on aquabid, where they want $5 for a few scoops (however big a "scoop" is here). http://webcache.goog...lient=firefox-a I got so excited that my plant order had ONE piece of duckweed. Found it in my tank this morning. Now I just have to keep it away from the hog gang, and hope it grows. Surely I'm the only person who can't keep duckweed alive. No, you're not. The first time I had duckweed, it died. It does need a decent amount of light, and a lot of food. So keep it in a separate container from the goldfish, maybe underneath a desk lamp and make sure it gets plenty of food. The best would be to keep it in a tub of water that comes directly from the goldfish tank, this way it will have a decent amount of nutrients. Make sure it does not get turned upside down or submerged, that can kill the plant. If nothing else, if my tub-plants start to multiply, I could send you a little bit to get started. For free, of course. That would be awesome. It seems like I might have better luck with the plants this time, and was hoping to find people to swap plants with. I have some really cool ones, too. Wish that brown thumb of mine some luck! Don't feel too bad, I went and bought a TON of duckweed off of ebay. I covered the top of my tank with it . Then it was all eaten by morning
  20. Oh cool! Thanks KrazE Aw no bueno! How come she wont let you use one? It seems like it would be easier on everyone She complain that fish water go into the filter. I tell her the water if filtered clean. Even if I drain outside and use sink to fill, she doesn't want me to unscrew the facuet and mess it up. Lame . I'm sorry. I just figured out myself that I'll probably have to run it through my bathroom sink myself... We have one of those weird shower head looking faucets in the kitchen
  21. Ohh congratulations!! Do you have a picture update? I can't wait to see them!
  22. Aw no bueno! How come she wont let you use one? It seems like it would be easier on everyone
  23. Congratulations on such pretty fishies! I want your Ranchu especially
  24. I know! I'm so excited . I just hope they hurry up and send it soon! How do you go about matching the tank temp? Just turn on the hot water slightly too? I ask because I always thought that there were all kinds of sediment in heater water Thanks guys!!!
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