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  1. Klausie is still doing really well . I was just wondering if he needed another salt dip or anything else?
  2. I still love this video If you don't mind me asking, what kind of lighting do you have? It looks really nice with the green!
  3. That's really neat! The little shrimp are a little scary looking in HD
  4. Awww I want them!! I wonder what light spectrum/wattage those plants need?
  5. Ugh I know what you mean... My family used to tell me the same thing. But then I started asking them: "well how long did your fish live? Oh? And how old are mine?" lol! They eventually got the hint
  6. He's such a cutie! I know he's in good hands , but good luck none the less!
  7. Hmm... It could be parasites, swim bladder, bad water quality, bacterial infections... It could be a roll of the dice on what happens . I think that if you keep good water quality, a good diet, and do the proper treatments he could be ok. If its swim bladder however, that's usually an uphill battle. It really comes down to what your willing to do . If your willing to spend the time with him and just be prepared of the possible worst case scenario you can give it a shot That's just my two cents. I hope it helped some! Either way I'm sure a mod will be along soon to help out more too!
  8. Oh gosh I know what you mean... I keep my water pram's good and something is always happening lol! I just hope they stay healthy for awhile
  9. They're too cool I'm so sorry about your fishy! That's so sad
  10. We have goldfish shaped cookies! And our club is shaped like a goldfish! Did you know they actually have goldfish shaped cookie cutters and ice cube trays!? I want one! Sorry, that was off topic lol
  11. isn't it scary sometimes I did a slat dip on Casper today he swam up splashed then was lifeless on his side I moved him out and he just started floating around lifeless he recovered later but I think goldfish are starting to enjoy the attention they get when we are panicked Oh I know! Little Klaus would swim around in the containment tank but the minute we would look at him he'd act out! They love attention a little too much sometimes lol
  12. I don't think your insane . My fish do that too. They ignore my BF and his dad, but they swim up to the glass in excitement when they hear/see me! I can also hand feed both of them with out any trouble, but they refuse to take food directly from my bf lol
  13. Hiya! I did the salt dip last night and he did wonderfully! He didn't even list to one side this time ! He seems to be doing very good today in fact, the best he's done in awhile
  14. It's very green indeed! St. Patrick's day fish tank lol! Jk, that is a beautiful tank indeed!
  15. Oh wow!! He's turning into a full sized fishy really quick! It helps that he has an awesome fishy mama
  16. Alright, I'll just keep the water super clean instead of the 4th treatment He's not going to like it, but I can
  17. So, Klaus is doing better today. He's still not terribly active, but he accepts food enthusiastically . I'm due for another dose of Prazi today. It would be the 4th dose. Should I go ahead and add it or wait and see how he does?
  18. Yup, I have those, but in white So my next question is: How do you clean them when you have to? I see it being very messy
  19. Ok, cool! Thanks a bunch . I might go ahead and turn the spray bar then. I have a floaty fishy that might not like it too much lol
  20. Sounds good! Sorry for all of the trouble. These guys are like my kids lol! I hope you feel better soon as well!
  21. Pardon the terrible coughing in the background Will he be ok with the water current in the main tank? I have a HOB filter and an Ehiem 2217. There should be a couple of places away from the current though
  22. Is it ok for him to be acting strangely after two hours? He's hanging out near the bottom still. When he tries to swim he either scoots around the bottom or kinda goes into a lopsided swim... He hasn't pooped at all either
  23. Yeah kinda, he was swimming on his head and upside down for a bit Right now he's kinda hanging out near the top, but he goes down occasionally. He's gasping too. I'm glad its normal! When I put him the unsalted water he kinda froze for a sec! It scared me something awful lol! Yup! I double primed it
  24. That was.... The scariest 5 minutes of my life Thanks Alex! I only have a bubble stone at the moment Is it normal for them to have slight problems swimming at first in the after tank?
  25. I want them all ! Why can American's be cool enough to breed amazing fish like that!? But then again, if we did I'd have more aquarium than house lol :
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