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  1. Congratulations on your shipment ! I know when I ordered my canister filter from Tastyworms I was the same way lol!
  2. The same as usual.. They've been long casts with bits of normal waste strewn about it for some time. I've also been finding some short clear poo in the filter intake of my hob too. There is the occasional egg poo every once in awhile but not too often. I just hope my little girl didn't pick up what Klaus had
  3. Thanks for your generous comments guys.....he was definitely worth £1 in 2005 then??? Yes. Yes he was I'd probably pay something insane for a fish as pretty as him!
  4. You. Are. Awesome!!!!! I have been looking for a good way to do lights forever! Your my hero And I don't have to worry about Andrew's (my diy guy) medical bills when he gets electrocuted again
  5. Ugh I had the same problem when I was living up in the mountains of NM. It turns out that an animal had found its way into the well and had died resulting in really off water conditions . The only thing I was able to do during that time was add a lot of bottled water to my tap water that had been left in the sun and primed to hell and back (my KH was high enough to prevent a PH crash when I did this however). I wish you luck and I hope it all works out for you!
  6. woa! He is absolutely gorgeous! I love how delicate and flowy his fins are... He's definitely a goldfish of the week candidate! Edit: I second what Jamiemonster says!!
  7. That little guy is a cool looking fishy! I love the little patch on his head
  8. Oh wow, He's such a wonderful little fishy! You have done a great job at putting some meat on his fins! I've always had one heck of a soft spot for moors myself so I'm always happy to hear when one gets picked up I'm really sorry to hear about your shubunkin though . Its always hard to loose a fishy..
  9. She's eaten a little of it for me but she's gotten to the point where she spits it back out at me! I even tried to get smart and stick it in her repashy. She ate the repashy but still managed to spit out the garlic! Cheeky fishy I have been wondering about her a bit though. I can start a new thread if you'd like, but I've noticed a few slime spots on her too. Update on water params: Ph 7.5 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrites: 0ppm Nitrates: 5-10ppm (all same as tap)
  10. Lmao Norm is NOT a happy fishy! Gosh, I love his color though! Its amazing how much he has grown in such a short time! You really are amazing with these guys
  11. Thanks for the heads up about the 10 gallon instead of the 5 ! I was planning on having the 10 as a plant tank mainly (It's already being started ), but I can' have plants and no fish. It's just not in me lol! Do the neon tetra's eat duckweed by chance? I've been having a heck of a time keeping it around lol You know, I had heard that angelfish were aggressive but I had no idea that they were that bad!
  12. Thank you for all of the help! I went and got myself sick so I haven't been able to do much research on the matter of diy or decent lights, but at least I know what to look for now ! I'm not much for figuring out how to set things up for diy projects but thankfully I have someone around who's brilliant at that sort of thing lol! I'd rather be buried in a book than get electrocuted but that's just me I know what you mean! There is just so much to know and so much that could go wrong
  13. I think the two of us are quite content with that bath being the last one for now!
  14. Yay for praise ! He's doing fine now . He went and loved on my little girl happily after the two hours were up . Should I give him one more bath on Tuesday just to be sure or should I just keep an eye on him?
  15. That's a good possibility. I went to a pet store yesterday and saw a little oranda in the same situation. He just kinda floated head down... Its not uncommon for these little guys to slip through during culling from what I understand. It's possible to put him in a plastic container for a bit like Pearlscaleperfect said .
  16. Thanks Becs I hope a few make it. Trying to do my best. Its pretty nerve wracking when they're so little! Here they are at 48 hours - Video And a photo. Can you find them? They're so small! I want to raise fry one day
  17. Oh wow! I was never much for the little neon fishies, but after seeing your tank I'm really tempted to try !! How many can you put into a 5 or 10 gallon tank?
  18. Ok, so I the problem... The temp of the bucket I had him in was dropping too quickly I think. I went ahead and righted the temp and tried again. He did fine this time
  19. Hi again! I've been pretty sick for a few days so I kinda fell behind on the salt dip . I tried to do it again tonight but Klaus listed to one side and couldn't right himself I took him out after tapping lightly on the glass then swirling the water with my finger. He didn't look very good. He was only in there for about a minute before I dropped him in the clean water. He seems to be doing alright now, just a bit drunk...
  20. Yes. Some are ranchu/ranchu and some may be pearlscale/pearlscale or black oranda/black oranda. They were all ready at the same time. Some are mixes too. We'll see what happens! Wow! I can't wait to see who is who ! I bet they'll all be super pretty!
  21. They're so cute! I really love them! I love how shy Nova is. I just hope she warms up soon! I feel bad about chase, but I know he's in a good home now
  22. Hey Allison. Should I be worried that some are on the bottom and others on the sides? Could the fungus'd eggs hurt the fry that have hatched? I want to give the rest of the fertile eggs time to hatch but I am worried the bad eggs will hurt the fry that have hatched. I'm going to get a turkey baster to remove as many as I can and will probably do another water change. Congrats Michael! Yes that is me lol. I'm getting around well now, the boot is just annoying more than anything else. Who did your red cap spawn with? I'm happy your feeling better ! Good luck on the babies too! If you ever need some Raichu babies re-homed, I'd be an eager candidate for adoption!!
  23. Naw, I'm not much for TV personally. My boyfriend is a different story however lol! His original name was just 'goldie', but when I had to move in with Andrew he insisted on Klaus instead . He got the name from a cheeky goldfish on a cartoon he watches called American Dad lol
  24. So, I decided that I'd realllly like to do a high lighting system for my 55 gallon tank. I just love a lot of the colored plants, but they all seem to be high light . Right now I just have the stock lights that came with the hood set up. They aren't really that great, even with the flora sun plant bulb. I mean, it's only an 18", 15 watts bulb after all lol. Long story short, I'm a broke student so I'be been having a really hard time coming up with the money for the nice Aqualife T5 light fixtures. I mean, to have legitimate high light wouldn't I have to have 3 of the fixtures? Soooo I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative, or even a DIY way? If worst comes to worst I'm sure I can try and save up some money for the Aqualife thing Oh also, I've gotten really confused with the lumens vs. watts thing. Should I look at lumens instead of watts? Are LED lights better than the standard t5 lights? I mean better by energy consumption and lighting spectrum? I'm sorry, I'm sure some of these questions sound a little dumb, but I am LOST with lights Thank you!!!
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