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  1. I've had that happen too! Its annoying, but I'm glad your girly is feeling better
  2. I want them all! You could always... you know... send me one? Jk! They are very beautiful. Congratulations!
  3. Oh man, I'm really sorry to hear that! I can't imagine how high the mark up on stuff is up there... On top of that, DIY stuff is complicated anyway .
  4. Blech! Should I rinse them or something or just leave them be? Its kinda hard to see with my bad phone camera, but its around the bulb
  5. Hi all! I just had a quick question about some plant bulbs I bought. I picked them up a few weeks ago and put them in little glass candle votives with some substrate. They've only been planted for about a week in a separate tank for QT (that and one of my goldies kept trying to uproot them). I've noticed something weird starting to form on the bulbs and I was wondering if it was normal? It looks like some sort of a grey/white cobwebby stuff covering the bulbs. Is it normal or some kind of mold? I've never used bulbs before, so this is a new one on me lol!
  6. Is water wisteria a floating plant? I always thought it needed to by rooted in substrate I looooove you plecos Fang! I'm having the same problem with the nasty brown algae . I just use a tooth brush but I'm getting a bristle baby soon hopefully!
  7. Congrats on your pond! Its very pretty!
  8. Aww he sounds darling! Both of my little fish are a bit off too . My moor has a curled fin and one of her anal fins are a bit malformed. She also has a tiny deformation in her spine. None of this bothers her any . My Ryukin's fins are fine, but he has a tiny kink in the base of his spine too. I love their little distinguishing marks.. I think it gives them personality! There is a member here who has a little fish with a missing gill plate even I can't wait to see pictures of your babies!!
  9. Heck YEAH! I still play pokemon myself . I bet you couldn't tell lol I started playing the new one's cause of my niece but my heart is still with the originals up to silver
  10. Oh no! I'm so sorry fang ! Those little guys are just so fragile... Rest in peace little Eve
  11. Ok! So blood worms only once a day every other day, and the rest spinach She's still really active for the most part. I see her floating mid level in the tank every so often but she's usually picking at the bottom. She still has some excess slime coat spots scattered about her back and tail base and it looks like she's still having the clear, stringy poo. Thanks for all of your help. The poor little girl has had a rough run of it for a while. I just worry the the dropsy will come back
  12. I bid! But got outbid I think we're all waiting for the end...
  13. Lol I got a little worried too. I love the fish that dandy oranda's usually have. I just wish I could afford some I love your peacock smegy ! They were fun birds to raise. Dumb, but fun!
  14. Lol I got a little worried too. I love the fish that dandy oranda's usually have. I just wish I could afford some
  15. So I was able to finally get the blood worms today ! I'm sorry it took so long, its been one of those weeks . So I keep them on it a week from today right? An also, do I feed the spinach and the blood worms at the same time or should I just alternate?
  16. They look like their doing wonderful . Congrats again GT!
  17. Your fishies are so cute! I love how tiny they are . Don't feel bad, almost all of us have been there with the small tanks and what not. We live and learn right
  18. I want one! But it wont fit in my house Congratulations on the new tank!
  19. Wow... I just found out that their is more than one small breed of duckweed... I bought some awhile back that I really liked. And sadly so did my goldies lol. They were a really nice deep green and a good size (Lemna). I went and bought some more online and the turned out to be wolffia . I should have researched more lol!
  20. Lmao indeed! Any help on this stuff is super appreciated If he gets himself on this one, its not on me at least
  21. Wait... Squirming AND frozen!? How does THAT work LOL!? Naw, jk. I personally worry about live food and pathogens and all of that good stuff but I just worry lol. I'll try to get to a petstore either tomorrow or wednesday.. I have class from 12-9pm so tomorrow might be tough. How do I feed them? Thaw and drop in?
  22. The empty wrappers, cans and miscellaneous jankyness, because it is of coarse illegal in this country for men to work a freakin trash can!!! Lmao yes! Their awful about that! I feel like a part time maid! I loooove you kitties! Are they himalayans? Or maybe ragdolls? Either way I can take one off your hands if need be That was some epic Korean Smegy lol!
  23. Alright . Um... Where do I get blood worms? Do they need to be frozen, freeze dried or... squirming?
  24. Lmao poor kitty! At least tell us he's a punk or something so I don't feel bad
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