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  1. After coming home from school today, I found my 3 year old baby Klaus dead in the corner on the tank. Klausy had recently fought a hard battle against dropsy . I thought that he had started to do better; swimming normally, begging for food, alert. I don't know what happened... When I went to feed him this morning, he was bottom sitting and having trouble getting up. I thought it was constipation since he was fine before bed last night so I figured it could wait until I was home that afternoon. When I came in to feed them, I found him on his side in the corner. His gills were white and he was stiff... I'm thinking that I'm going to call our pet crematory in town to see if they'll put him to rest. Klausy is the second goldfish I had ever bought, and the first one to die on me.

    A little about my baby boy Klaus:

    I bought him three years ago as a companion to my moor Dexy. He was always my frail fishy; he had a slight curve in his spine by his tail and some buoyancy issues. Despite that, I loved that little fishy like a child. He had such a sweet personality... He was hand fed, so every time I would offer him food, he would circle around my fingers and nibble. He was always such a happy fish. I miss him so much...


    Farewell my beautiful Klaus....

  2. Sooo, I have been thinking about getting some bettas for a long time now... I just recently decided to go ahead and give it a try :D! I love how flowy their tails are and I love how unique their personalities are.I have never kept bettas before so I'm wondering what all I would need for them to have a happy life with me :D.

    So, my first question would be about what kind of filtration I would need for a 10 gallon betta tank?

    My plan was to have two bettas separated by a tank separator. I was going to have it heavily planted so they couldn't see each other to fight. Would it be ok to keep two males separated like that or would a male and female be better? Also, can they eat repashy soilent green or do they need a specific diet? Do I need a water heater to keep the tank at a stable temp? Also, is there a specific PH they prefer? Oh and would they pick on a ramshorn snail? There are so many things I need to learn, I just want to get my facts now so I don't have to learn from my mistakes :krazy: !

    Thanks everyone! I'm super excited for this new project!

  3. I'm so sorry Chelsea... :'( I was hoping that he would pull through... you did all you could for him and workred so hard. You are so amazing to to what you did for him and I know he appreciated it to no end. Rip beautiful Elvis. We're all here for you hun!

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  4. I'd have to say the streaking for my moor has been noticeable for about a week now, the ryu is a little tougher to tell since she's had permanent streaking for awhile (alex had had me on tons of medicines, but it never seems to go away permanently) and LT doesn't seem to have any issues.

    Edit: The streaking on the moor's tail isn't too bad, its just at a few spots on the end of her tail

  5. Not too bad. They tend to hover between 10ppm (tap and after a big WC) and about 20. The highest it has gotten was about 40ppm around last week. I was so busy with school and my friend in labor, my fishies kind of took a back seat :(.

  6. Its totally fine! Thanks for the speedy response!

    During the summer months the water gets pretty warm... Usually about this temp, with the occasional spikes up to about 82F. In the evening the water usually drops to about 75F. The temp in the cooler months can drop down to about 60F. I have two air curtains, A 35" and an 8": http://www.ebay.com/itm/350693658728?hlp=false&var=

    With that being said, should I get a couple more?

    My tank has been cycled for over a year now with one HOB and an Ehiem canister filter :thumbs: . I should have been more specific on the stress remark, sorry lol. I've been seeing a little bit of red streaking in my Ryukin and some darker spots on the tail of my moor (granted she's black so it's a little harder to tell). Other than that, everyone seems to be in good spirits.

  7. Hello everyone! I know this has been a talked about topic, but I figured I'd start a new thread...

    My issue is that my tank water likes to sit about 78F-80F during the days. I've started noticing some stress marks on my two older goldfish's tails... Is this temp too hot for them? If so, what can I do to either cool it or take some of the stress off of them?

    Thanks all :hi

    P.S. I hope I put this in the right place...

  8. Oh my gosh... I just saw this post (havent been on in awhile). I'm so sorry this happened to you and Elvis. This thread had me in tears... Your such an amazing mamma Chelsea! Your doing everything that you can and refusing to throw in the towel. I think that motivation and energy is really helping Elvis through this hard time. You two are in my thoughts and I'm praying for a healthy recovery!

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