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  1. I bet he'll end up white or white with a little lemon. He's really filled out in the belly! What did you feed him to achieve this transformation?
  2. Just out of curiosity, what brand of test kit is that? I have a Nutrafin one right now that comes out with different colour scales than the one shown. When ammonia or any other reading is zero, the water remains clear. Seems like it should be worthwhile doing a control test with no water at all.
  3. Very dramatic-looking fish! Congrats, I hope you enjoy him/her!
  4. That looks like a trace ammonia reading to me but it could be the lighting. I find I tend to get slightly higher readings under the yellowish electric light in my living room than under natural light as well.
  5. I think this is getting a little blown out of proportion. Fish-in cycles and "pilot fish" are a reality of fishkeeping. A fishless cycle would definitely have been the more humane thing and the language used regarding the disposal of the comet was a bit of a poor choice but this is becoming a witch-hunt. I can personally attest to seeing plenty of posts on other fish forums saying things like "I use the culls from my batches of fry/the undesirable specimens etc to cycle tanks" or "many breeders keep a dustbin fish to dispose of the pilot fish". They were not subject to the kind of bashing seen here. The one thing that impressed me about this forum when I first found it was its lack of dogma and PETA/animal rights-type rhetoric. I also thought that most of the members had their feet on the ground and realised that these were fish and not children. Now I see that I was mistaken. Priorities, please. The comet is gone now. Help him keep the ryukin properly and try to inform people of their mistakes without belittling and abusing them. Edit: I see I've been beaten to the punch. Moving on.
  6. All right I'll freshen up the water. No cycled media unfortunately as I was advised on this forum to go ahead and do a fish-in cycle on my new tank rather than keep them in the tiny tank any longer. Squid will take a holiday in the freezer. I'm going to go buy a whole garden centre's worth of plants over the weekend as my supplier got a big shipment in yesterday. Maybe I'll beg some cycled media from him while I'm there!
  7. So when our goldies got upgraded to their big tank I started fishless cycling their old one in preparation for maybe some guppies or a betta or something (haven't decided yet). I started on Oct 6 using pellet food and a whole small raw squid as the ammonia source. I am not willing to have bottled ammonia lying around the fish tank because the risk of my 17-month-old daughter getting hold of it is too high. I've added bottled bacteria (Microbe Lift Nite-Out II) and some of a sachet of powdered alleged bacteria which is for ponds (it was by Blagdons/Interpet, I forget the exact product name). It might be a load of bunk but hey, it can't hurt. The tank is just under 22L, has the little filter that came with it running full time along with 2 bubble stones. Filter media is various sponge, ceramic rings, bio balls and fluff. I have a moss ball in there and 2cm of gravel which is now absolutely filthy with particles of rotten food and squid. The tank now also stinks. Here are the readings I'm getting. Please tell me if/where I'm going wrong. I'm reading differing opinions on how much ammonia is too much. I'm using a Nutrafin Master Kit which is drops rather than strips but even so, the accuracy is a bit off as the colour I get sometimes doesn't match anything on the scale - and the gaps between colours are quite wide as well. For example, the ammonia chart goes right from 4.9 to 7.3 with nothing in between. pH remains steady at 7.5. 6 Oct: all 0 7 Oct: Ammonia 0.6, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0 8 Oct: Ammonia 0.6, Nitrite 0.3, Nitrate 5 9 Oct: Ammonia 2.4+, Nitrite 0.1, Nitrate 5 10 Oct: Ammonia 4.9, Nitrite 0.1, Nitrate 5 11 Oct: Ammonia 4.9+, I estimate maybe 6, it's between 4.9 and 7.3 (time constraints, did not test other parameters) 12 Oct (today): Ammonia 4.9+ see above, Nitrite trace, Nitrate trace Why are my readings going so funny? Is my ammonia too high? What should I do to put things right?
  8. I am already looking into it. Should be simple enough to organise.
  9. Putting the tank on the floor is absolutely out because I have a toddler who will just put things in it. The board is a good idea. I know nobody called anyone anything except myself. I just wonder if I will ever be able to live up to what is expected as basic on this forum. I quite literally don't have the means or the space to give them "ideal" conditions. I was advised differently, and continue to be advised differently, by each and every fishkeeper I consulted. I have to balance everything out and make the best of it, finding a solution that works for us. Anyway that's off topic. Back to admiring the tanks!
  10. It is about 5cm longer on either side. It's on a shelving unit borrowed from family rather than a tank stand. I am literally out of money now. No way I can justify any more fish equipment. My child comes before any fish, any day. I'll support it with wood blocks if necessary but I'm not in a position to spend any more for a tank stand when these fish have put me almost €500 in the hole in the space of one month. Maybe that makes me a substandard fish keeper. So be it. I am broke now.
  11. Our new tank, some silk plants on the left, centre and right; anubias barteri var. nana on the wood and microsorum pteropus "Windelev" on the rock. Looking forward to seeing them get a bit bigger and bushier! Yes that is a crab shell - it was our dinner, now it's where the fish hide. We were going to do a sand bottom but it clogged the filter and ruined the water so we went bare bottom instead. What a nightmare to clean that was! You can just about see our little red and white ryukin on the left there behind a leaf. We are going to get a nice betta for our old, smaller tank, or maybe some invertebrates. Haven't decided yet!
  12. Ok - it's looking like I'm unable to get either Prime or Amquel Plus in my location. Is the Stress Coat (a dechlorinator) plus Ammo Lock (an ammonia converter, presumably it converts to ammonium as it says "non-toxic form", which also does chlorine and chloramines) really not going to do it? I'm researching here and they do seem to be covering a lot of the same ground as the likes of Prime. Look, I'm not trying to be rude or a smartass but I've spent hundreds and hundreds on these fish in a short time and I really do need to be realistic. We have a daughter to feed and clothe as well as goldfish to take care of on our very restricted income.
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