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  1. I'm sorry, I was confused, because I thought staying the same meant it was at the original levels. Ohs, okeydokes. Is the kH at an acceptable level at this point? And how quickly should I try to raise kH/pH in the aquariums with fish in them?
  2. Raising pH without raising the water's buffering capability can be invitation to disaster, because then you create a situation where the pH can easily crash. Well, like I said, the baking soda also increased the kH to between fourty and eighty ppm. kH is the "buffering capacity," correct? I'm sorry if I'm wrong, I'm rather confused about all this, lol.
  3. I just tested again, and the pH went up to 7.5 since I last checked, though kH has stayed the same.
  4. Well, I went ahead and added some baking soda to an empty tank (one teaspoon in a ten gallon tank), and it raised my pH to between 6.6 and 7 (I really can't tell the difference between the colors, which may become an issue... ), my kH to somewhere between 40ppm and 80ppm (I was forced to get API's strips, as my lfs doesn't carry any of API's "mini" liquid tests except the ammonia one). I'll test it again in a few hours to see whether or not it's staying at those levels. My tap is still registering at 6 or below in pH, so my tap water hasn't changed.
  5. So I've done some googling. I'm on a budget, so would it be a decent idea to use baking soda to raise the alkalinity? Using this calculator, if anyone's interested: http://www.dataguru.org/misc/aquarium/CalKH.asp?Gallons=9&KH=80&measure=1&Baking+Soda+%28Teaspoons%29=0.00&SKH=&EKH=&pHChange=0.00 Also, how quickly should I try to raise the kH and pH?
  6. Well, what do I do? I've never tried adjusting water quality before, so I don't know what to do about it.
  7. Got a test kit, it says my kH is at 0. No clue what that means, lol.
  8. I have the API Master Test Kit, and I don't believe that has a hardness test in it. I believe that the general hardness of our tap water is 7gpg (120ppm, I think), though I'm not sure about the other measurement. We're on wellwater, if that makes any difference.
  9. So my testkit finally came in. Turns out, my pH is at 6 (or lower) in my tank and out of the tap. I've read that it's generally a good idea to keep pH stable, but I also read low pH is dangerous. So... should I find a way to raise my pH, or not...? My tank is still cycling (I had an extremely bad case of columnaris, and had to run bleach through everything, killing all bacteria), so I know that is likely doing something to the pH, but it's not any better out of the tap. If you all think I should raise the tank's pH, I'd like to do so using crushed coral, so I won't have to constantly be adding things to the water, and worrying about forgetting/overdosing and causing my pH to fluctuate madly. How much coral do you all think I would need, and how should I put it into my aquarium (it's a 30 gallon aquarium)?
  10. That exactly what I thought I have emailed them and have told about this and they seem to be appreciative but who knows. I tried for the future of their fish. They've taken down all the Bubble Eyes from their site, and said they're treating them. So, that's good. I think the guys who work there really will listen to your suggestions. I cleaned everything with the bleach mixture. The new fish have been moved to the tank.
  11. The water they came in was blue, it looked about the same color as the Betta Fish cups in Petsmart. The water stank to high heaven, though I figured that was the large amounts of fish leavings in the bag. So... my boyfriend just showed up with three Bubble Eyes. He said he went to some guy in western Maryland for them (which is at least a couple of hours away, he didn't say where in western Maryland). I've got a keeper. Now I've just gotta sterilize my tank. Do you all think a bleach solution will kill anything that might be hiding on the glass/decorations, or will hot water be alright?
  12. That's what it looks like. Bah. :c Anywho, the guy at Livefishdirect has said he's pulled out the Bubble Eyes at their fishery and is treating them now. So, that's good. I hope.
  13. He seems to have died sometime in the night. His body is covered with white fuzz similar to what was growing from his gills before. Poor little guy. I've sent another email providing a summary of the whole situation. I appreciate the fact you sent an email, too. They seem to specialize in Cichilds judging by their website, so they could probably use the tips. I'm a few hours from NJ, I believe. I need to sterilize the tank after this mishap, anyway. I don't really know what to do with Bubble Eyes at this point.
  14. He keeps scooting along the bottom, which is more than the other two did. Doubt it will make a difference, though. I really wish I could have saved them. I should have done something sooner, rather than wait. Bah. Poor little guys. Thank you both so much for trying to help me with these guys. I've been keeping in contact with the people at Livefishdirect, sending pictures and updating them on my fishes' conditions. They seem like really nice people, they're really quick about communicating and seem honestly concerned, and I almost feel bad since they've tried to make it up to me by sending an extra fish for free, but I agree that their fish aren't kept well at all. It's a shame. I don't understand how two different batches of fish can die in a few hours of (what I'm pretty sure are) completely different issues. They must seriously be doing something wrong.
  15. Aaand now the last fish is on his side breathing heavily. That was fast.
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