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  1. Brother thank you so much. I appreciate. I think i will get the kit soon.
  2. You have an absolute stunning pleco. What variety is it? I can never find such pleco here. Can you please post pic of your entire tank.
  3. I never had any water param test kit. This tank is up & running since many months.
  4. So good to be here. Thank you for welcoming me. Is it same ole here. If I had nothing to do then I would simply drag my finger on glass and we would follow it. I miss my Rocco. He was hyperactive. No Mex I am not planning for any bigger tank. I feel that is enough. I guess 10G per fancy is enough. I do weekly water changes(40-50%) that's it. I never had any problem with the fishes. Yeah its kinda tale. I love that chubby little pearlscale.
  5. What was in my mind that day I wished if I had a fish tank. With no further ado & little did I know about fishes I bought a tank. Was very keen to understand the cycle of tank & careful to add a fish. However I understood the tank-cycle but never bought a kit to check with param. Keeping above said in my mind I added one Zerbra danio in my first 15 gallon tank. Kept eye on it all day long just to see if he is doing fine. Every morning I used to wake up & rush to tank to see if he is alive. I imagined what if I have more zebra danio. Now i had like 6 zebra danio. My dad was also attached to the fish tank & one fine day without letting me know he came home with a pair of angel fish. I was surprised, happy, little confused about it. I happily added angel fish to the tank. Knowing about the cycle I used to change 40% water every three day & still had no kit to check with water param. After few weeks I visited a fish shop & without delaying I bought a pair of redcap goldfish. Everything was fine except one of the redcap goldfish. I added salt to check if it works but next morning I found her stuck to the filter. I thought maybe the filter was stronger but as I moved the filter she just floated, she was dead. Meanwhile I started to google & reached kokosgoldfish. I learnt alot & shared few things. I gave away angels, zebra danio. & bought three goldfishes(common goldfish,black moor & oranda). In a 15 gallon tank I had now 4 different goldfishes. Later I thought to keep only one fish that is interactive & fun. And again gave away all the fishes I had & bought Flowerhorn. I had the best moments with this fish, He was only four inches when I got him. And he grew up till 9 inches with hump head in just few months. Meanwhile I also upgraded my fifteen gallon tank to a bigger one with only flowerhorn in it. I named him Rocco. Everytime I come near he gets excited & followed my finger. I started with my new job lost touch with kokosgoldfish & took less care of the tank. One day I walked in a fish store looked around & went near goldfish tank. It was a flash back for me. I decided to add a partition in my tank & bought two oranda goldfishes. It was a bit sad to see one big flowerhorn has lesser space to roam. I gave my best fish "Rocco" to one of my colleague. My family was attached to Rocco & every guest came in my house was always attracted & dragged finger around the tank. I was very curious to see now what my new two oranda goldfish will do after removing partition. Presently my tank is around 45 gallon with two top filter & one air pump. Couldn't resist & bought one small pearlscale & a pair of redcap. In total I have 5 goldfishes(2 oranda, 2 redcap & 1 pearlscale). I know I have put more than enough fishes in tank but I think I can manage it.
  6. In the very first pic I was trying to figure out where are your new fishes, was so confused. Lovely fishes and your diffuser too.
  7. I am so glad that you liked him. I definitely agree, its just natural and that's why I did not posted this in disease section . If you see the picture of his first day you can see that bump kinda thing. I only posted because I injured my fish while netting him out, just wanted to share, still feeling sorry for him. Here no local fish shop will test the water, nothing they have.
  8. If you carefully see you can see that bulge on his top side of his left gill. And on the right side of the body you can see abrasion. Here no local shop has the kit to test the water. I am also uploading a picture of the first day. Image. Here is the video. http://s1242.photobu...7ec33c.mp4.html
  9. I am quite sure that its not an illness or something but just for sake I did that. Because fish was hurt so felt like sharing it. I saw the previous pictures and my fish had it. Color of the lump is somewhat same. Its not lump exactly but its just a slight bulge. I cannot test the water nobody has the kit. My fish is very active and its not possible to get the exact picture to able to see that bulge. (uploading video soon)
  10. Actually I purposely posted this into general. I am afraid to tell you that I do not have anything to measure water parameters etc Also I saw old picture of my fish and he had that thing. I am quite sure that water conditions are good as well as the filters. Tank size: 60 gallon Number of fish: single flowerhorn Last water change: 5 days back Amount of feeding- Two times a day No unusual behaviour No medications.
  11. Today I noticed some weird part on fish(flowerhorn) gill, Initially I thought it was just an area with no color. While ago I noticed that it is protruding little outwards like a lump or something. I tried observing it more closely but couldn't because fish was constantly moving. So, out of curiosity I tried netting fish out. Fish was quick and for long time I could't get her, out of frustration I tried to be more aggressive to catch him. Finally took him out and carefully touched that lump which was hard and not soft. Maybe its just normal so didn't bother much about it. After releasing fish back into water again, fish was stressed and continued to stay in one corner for few minutes. After fish came back to normal I observed that my fish was injured nothing serious but his skin is scraped a little. I could see skin thread like hanging, its like a scratch not deep though. I am repenting and quite worried if he is really injured or something. As for now he is behaving same way as he does. Will it heal itself. My fish is beautiful and I repent that why did I do this, feeling so bad. I couldn't resist switched on the laptop and started writing this post. Sorry no pictures it is difficult.
  12. Did somebody squeezed them on glass. YEW!!
  13. You have that bamboos inside the goldfish tank? Can I also keep in flowerhorn tank. How do you keep them inside? A pic please.
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