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  1. Representing Melbourne!! Very new to this forum and goldfish! However Hi !!
  2. Cool thanks for the tips guys, I hope it turns out alright. Now just the wait for some goodies to arrive. I will post up as they come Looking forward to this, you have been very helpful
  3. Hi all! Very new to goldfish and to the forum I just joined today. I want to get into this hobby, seems fun and enjoyable just looking at them, imagine if I was looking after them! I suppose I just wanted to know a little more about fishless cycles. "Stakos" on this forum has kindly linked me to the 'fishless cycling' thread. Theres a lot of info to extract from there. It states that it may take up to 40days?!?!?! I don't think I can wait that long In regards to cycling the tank should I just do it properly or is there an alternative?? Your thoughts would be much appreciated Thanks in advance:)
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