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  1. Thanks for the answers! She will be happy to have some knowledge:)
  2. Hello everyone! Today my friend was talking to me about how she wanted to get guppies! She has had goldfish in the past but never guppies:) She wrote out a list of questions to ask about the general care of guppies: Are their need similar to those of goldfish? How big of a tank would I need for 15 or so? Would I need a filter and heater? What kind? I'm thinking I would like to breed them...good or bad idea? If I choose to breed them, how easy is it and what will I need? Do I need to "cycle the tank" prior to getting them or can I do it with them? Are they hardy? What can I feed them? Thanks so much!
  3. Thank you! Good to know for sure its stress and not an internal parasite i certainly hope his scales grow back!
  4. yes, keep the tank dark and let him adjust a few days new fish can be a little skittish and need time to settle. Some photos of my baby: His injuries can easily be spotted in the photo^ http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh532/TheseGoldiesStoleMyHeart/6BEF8D49-8616-45FB-95EA-C446E0BEEFBB-4914-000004473E870085_zps297f7552.mp4 Awwwww ^ His cuts are on this side of his body (right) ^ a video of his current behavior (he is still worrying me, and the tank has been covered and dark): http://s1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh532/TheseGoldiesStoleMyHeart/?action=view&current=6BEF8D49-8616-45FB-95EA-C446E0BEEFBB-4914-000004473E870085_zps297f7552.mp4 The camera cut me off at the end i wasn't saying anything important:)
  5. Thanks:) Also any ideas on how to introduce gel food to one of my fish? He will only eat it if its cut into bite size pieces. I want him to eat it like Matilda!
  6. Ok thanks:) She was fasting yesterday and the day before and this is her only meal today:) Thats why theres a little much
  7. By the way, Matilda loves gel food! She is gaurading her block like a mama bear guards her cub! And im so happy she is eating this because she cant eat normal food because she cant see it!!!
  8. Well i made some gel food last night and froze it but it has so many ice crystals on it :/ It annoys me I was wondering if i can refridgarate it instead (sorry i didnt spell that right)
  9. yes, keep the tank dark and let him adjust a few days new fish can be a little skittish and need time to settle. Thanks i thought there was something wrong with him, good to know hes ok
  10. Update on my baby. He will normally swim around then he will start swimming really really fast and he will just spazz! He is concerning me:( He'll be acing normal then all of a sudden he swims to the other side of the tank really fast and speeds up and down the tank wall
  11. ASAP when we got our own home. This will be one of my first projects. I am almost tending toward an indoor pond though if my living room is big enough, because I just love the idea of it, plus me + outside = bad combination A couple weeks after these guys hatched, I noticed one of the fry having no tail. I guess it is a birth defect. In this photo he was only 1/4" long http://i1150.photobu...zps041db113.jpg He does very well without it though. As you see in the group shots, he actually is the biggest and fattest of the siblings. Having no tail is definitely no disadvantage to him thats amazing!
  12. i purchased the R2 fish school from amazon.com and my GF LOVE IT! so do i! it shows all my friends who think GF are stupid that they are very smart. Trust me, you will enjoy it so much!
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