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  1. A very good friend of mine has kept 2 comets in a ten gallon tank their whole lives. Each fish is very healthy and happy, and they are fully grown. They are 16 years old. I would never have a bowl, but my teacher has kept 3 Goldies in a 4 gallon bowl with no filter or anything, for 6 years. Since comets are very hardy,they can handle not so perfect living conditions:) The only thing I will ask for this Christmas is a 20 gallon tank:)
  2. I hope that you will not be offended by my comments, but I still do not understand why and how you think it will be easier on your fish Oscar to live in a 10 gallon, while you are prepping for a much larger tank for everyone else. It is beyond a doubt that goldfish are social creatures, and a 10 gallon really is unsuitable for any goldfish beyond the occasional QT or when they are very young. If it's your choice to put him the 10 gallons because it is some easier on you, then so be it, but I just want to dispel that notion that it's somehow easier for him to be there. I hope you will take these suggestions to heart. All of us combined here have hundreds of experience years in keeping goldfish. We'd like for you to be able to keep healthy fish, and to enjoy them in the most responsible way possible. Thanks for the input:) Well, I will be upgrading for Chirstmas and Oscar is still very young. I certainly do take all comments to heart, and think about each idea. (I actully keep them in a Microsoft Word document) P.s. I am certainly not offended at any comments that are constructive As yours are
  3. Thanks for the answers! She will be happy to have some knowledge:)
  4. Adorable fishies you have there! Just pulled the cave out, THANK YOU SO MUCH from saving me from gross water! What do you suggest I put in the big as for decor? Also, Oscar is going to stay in his own tank(just got a brand new 10 gallon, yay!) Much easier on me and him both
  5. Hello everyone! Today my friend was talking to me about how she wanted to get guppies! She has had goldfish in the past but never guppies:) She wrote out a list of questions to ask about the general care of guppies: Are their need similar to those of goldfish? How big of a tank would I need for 15 or so? Would I need a filter and heater? What kind? I'm thinking I would like to breed them...good or bad idea? If I choose to breed them, how easy is it and what will I need? Do I need to "cycle the tank" prior to getting them or can I do it with them? Are they hardy? What can I feed them? Thanks so much!
  6. Also, I put Oscar in for the day today. It wasn't aggression, they just didn't have interest in eachother. They just went on opposite sides of the tank.... I would MUCH rather have him on his own....he enjoys being a bachelor! Lol
  7. Hi! Thanks for all the great advice! It's a lot to take in:) Can I get store credit for my castle decor if I return it to Petsmart? My cave and bonsai allow adequate water flow, so are those OK? How's this or something similar? http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4368180&lmdn=Fish+Decor If that's not good, please link me to some "safe" decor from Petsmart under $30 For Christmas, I'm going to ask for more filtrartion and a bigger tank for Oscar. He really enjoys being by himself, he's very happy:) THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering to spend me food That would be so awesome!!! I also just made gel food Thanks:) Edit: My filter is rated for 75 gallons
  8. May i post some pics instead of listing all decor and plants and such? 65 gallon tank with one black moor 3 inches 10 gallon tank with one comet 3 inches 10 gallon QT with baby oranda with lots of missing scales and cuts omega one sinking pellets no health problems 65 gallon tank penguin 375 lighted hood air pump and bubble wall and air stone decor: Castle,cave, silk plants, bondsi tree cave 10 gallon filter whisper 10i air pump and lighted bubble wall decor: rainbow statue, spawning mop QT tank: Whisper10i air pump and stone silk plant small lighted hood
  9. Thank you! Good to know for sure its stress and not an internal parasite i certainly hope his scales grow back!
  10. yes, keep the tank dark and let him adjust a few days new fish can be a little skittish and need time to settle. Some photos of my baby: His injuries can easily be spotted in the photo^ http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh532/TheseGoldiesStoleMyHeart/6BEF8D49-8616-45FB-95EA-C446E0BEEFBB-4914-000004473E870085_zps297f7552.mp4 Awwwww ^ His cuts are on this side of his body (right) ^ a video of his current behavior (he is still worrying me, and the tank has been covered and dark): http://s1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh532/TheseGoldiesStoleMyHeart/?action=view&current=6BEF8D49-8616-45FB-95EA-C446E0BEEFBB-4914-000004473E870085_zps297f7552.mp4 The camera cut me off at the end i wasn't saying anything important:)
  11. May i post some pics instead of listing all decor and plants and such?
  12. I am glad to hear your little guy is doing OK I'll keep you posted on how things turn out(:
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