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  1. I just wanted to update this thread and let everyone know that Maximus passed away sometime during the night. I had moved him back to a hospital tank to observe some more and make sure he was getting fed (Asher was pushing him around still in the main tank). He seemed to be doing ok. He didn't move around a whole lot in the last few days but he wasn't bottom sitting either. He just seemed to be slowing down. I guess this illness just got the best of him. I wanted to say thanks for everyone that helped me with Max in the last few weeks. Everyone is so kind and very generous with their time and knowledge here. I really appreciated the help and advice.
  2. ok thanks so much! I will try and keep my eyes on him and keep up the lighter feeding.
  3. I fed him about 3 hikari lion head sinking pellets 3 times a day. So only about 9 pellets a day when he was in QT. He seemed to be pooping ok and it looked normal while he was in there. If I put him back in the QT do I need to add anything to the water or just observe? I am thinking that since he was on the meds for 2 weeks he can't go anymore?
  4. Sure thing! This is from last night when I had him in the bucket. He has since been moved to the main tank because I had already tore down most of the hospital tank and was putting some stuff away when I got him out to move to my other tank, which I also cleaned last night. But I still have my 10 gallon out if he needs to be moved back. He has been acting perfectly normal. No sticking to the top or having a hard time swimming or anything. But his scales are still about the same as last night in the photo. I decided not to feed the fish today because I was nervous of making him worse.
  5. So two weeks is up and I'm currently moving Max back to the main tank. I put him in a small bucket to move him over and have noticed some pine coning that is very slight. *sigh* Should Max stay in his hospital tank still? It has been 2 weeks and he has been on the Metro and Kanaplex the whole time. No epsom. I haven't noticed the pine coning till just now. It wasn't much but enough that I didn't catch it in the smaller tank.
  6. They don't appear to be prickly, no.
  7. Gotcha! Tonight I change the water and meds again. Do I also keep the epsom in as well or no?
  8. Good news this morning! http://vid1157.photobucket.com/albums/p592/zosmaa/IMG_9159_zpszawwvmfa.mp4 He seems to be swimming pretty normal today and is staying at the bottom when he rests. He does tilt slightly still to one side. Should I leave him in for another day or so or what do you guys think?
  9. Thanks! His tail seems to just keep getting longer but his little body never seems to fatten up. Thanks for the well wishes.
  10. I've tried feeding bloodworms and gel food in the past and it made my other fish Asher really floaty. Maybe I was feeding too much initially? I did give Max 2 pellets. I wasn't sure how much to give him as I was worried I might mess him up again. If Max does pull through and I move him back to the main tank, whats the best way to separate my fish so I know Max is getting his share? I have an acrylic tank so I'm worried about putting something inside it that will scratch it. Asher will follow Max around the tank, while they look for food, and then go underneath him and push him up away from the food so he eats it all and Max gets none. I feel bad for Max because I've always felt he is a little skinny for his size.
  11. Throughout the day I've noticed off and on that Max has been moving a bit more. This evening, as I was washing dishes, he was swimming down looking for food. He seems to be doing a little better. It seems when he stops to rest though he slowly floats to the top. But at least now he can swim so that seems to be good news. Here's a video: http://vid1157.photobucket.com/albums/p592/zosmaa/IMG_9156_zpsdsjutyn3.mp4
  12. Alrighty! I got everything changed over tonight just as you said. Max is still looking the same but doesn't seem to be getting any worse. We will keep our hopes up. Thanks everyone for the help and the kind words. It's very much appreciated.
  13. Ok so I tested my water about 20 mins ago. The nitrites are at 0 still. The ammonia is very hard to tell. It doesn't look bright yellow like the card at 0 so it could possibly be 0.25 because it looks slightly green depending on the light but it's not anymore than that if the ammonia is present. Here is a video I took today of Max. The pink on his side is just the exposed scales to the air when he's floating. I am going to try later today to try and put a little vaseline on it as suggested earlier by fantailfan1. http://vid1157.photobucket.com/albums/p592/zosmaa/IMG_9144_zpsu2ag0fck.mp4
  14. I know this may sound silly, but my initial impression when Max started floating was that he was constipated. Is the 1 tsp of epsom currently in my holding tank enough to help with constipation? I only ask as I haven't seen him poop in awhile but again I haven't fed him in several days. And since I haven't been feeding him, when do I need to worry about feeding him again?
  15. The canister it comes it says just to do 1 dose but on the box it came in it says 1-2... so I did add two scoops of the Metroplex. And just 1 of the Kanaplex. Just wanted to add that so everyone was clear on what I added. I guess I'll keep the boxes since they say something different than the actual bottle.
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