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  1. I love how you potted the plants!
  2. The telescope looks like Chocolate~ TT~TT
  3. I like nerites, they're so pretty.
  4. Congrats on your cutie!
  5. Aww, you have an adorable lionhead.
  6. His face is like one of my fishies~
  7. Awesome! I've always wanted a white background.
  8. Well, it's really not confusing. It CAN be very good for your goldfish, BUT you can't really see your fish while they are in the green. So, it's really a personal preference thing. You don't HAVE to have green water, but it can be very beneficial, if you choose to cultivate it. Green water, here I come.
  9. I don't know about green water. Some people said that it is excellent and others have said they don't want it. Goldfish keeping is real confusing. D:
  10. He's an adorable little fellow. I hope everything is okay.
  11. Awesome fishies! I've never seen those at my LFS.
  12. Good fishies. Mine never seem to touch plants either
  13. I really shouldn't have clicked this topic. i'm going to have more nightmares about fish lice eating me. yay!
  14. He looks like one of my veiltails named Tina
  15. Awesome! Congrats on the angel, i had one the same size
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