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  1. Thanks I just turned it on again It will probably on for an hour
  2. I've seen a few autopsions of fish where organs were deformed or that the swim bladder was way too small and things like that. Most of those fish were stunted, so I think it is true. And I think we all agree on the fact stunting is not healthy for fish
  3. Hi guys, I've noticed that sometimes, people have a hard time noticing stunting. I found it very hard to notice at first, but now it's pretty easy. I always look at the size of the eyes compared to the head first - this is the easiest way to spot stunting. I'll use my own fish, Watermelon, as an example. She's been in a 13 gallon for about 3/4 year with terrible maintenance (I was a bad owner back then ) and that caused stunting. Causes of stunting are bad water parameters or a certain hormone that prevents growing when there's too much in the water. This is why water changes are important This is a picture of her in the 13 gallon. As you can see, her eyes are BIG compared to her head. This is because when stunting, organs, eyes and fins continue to grow, when the body doesn't. This way, stunting can damage internal organs and cause diseases - for example, when the reins break, it can cause dropsy. This is a picture of how Watermelon looks now: As you can see, she has grown a lot, and her eyes aren't as big as they were back then. She looks a lot better compared how she looked back then. So it doesn't mean that your stunted fish can't live a happy life Another indication of stunting is long fins, but this doesn't affect all fish. I've noticed that short-tailed species don't get very large fins, but they are still stunted. So, if your fish is already stunted, you can't really help it, just be a good mommy or daddy But when buying a new fish, I recommend picking the fish with the smallest eyes. I hope this helps some people ^_^ PS: did I post this in the right section by the way? I'm not sure..
  4. I'd put the cycled filter media in the filter of the bigger tank, as Narny105 said. I think a 5.5 gallon is too small for goldfish..
  5. I've done hand spawning once, because eggs were literally falling out of my fish and I don't have any male fish so I decided to help her out I don't recommend it though, it's better to have a male who can do the job
  6. I check my parameters when I think something is off.. Like red streaks in the fins, weird behaviour, etc.
  7. Ute


    Your redcap is adorable
  8. I'm going to university next year and I'm planning to take my fish with me - it'll probably work differently then where you live, but I've heard that it's okay as long it doesn't break the floor or something like that
  9. Hi guys I've got a webcam next to my tank, and I'm livestreaming quite often, so I decided to post it on here This is the livestream It's on right now. I hope you guys like it! ^_^
  10. Thanks for all the advice I gave the fish some hikari a few days ago, to check if there's a difference with the gelfood and hikari green. After feeding hikari green, Auri (the ranchu) went gasping for air like crazy, and after that, she floated the whole day. After fasting a day, she was back to normal. I'm feeding gelfood now, and I haven't seen any floating yet - although she still gasps for air sometimes. I got myself a new airpump, so maybe that's it..? Anyways, the swimming is a lot better, and it makes me happy that she isn't that floaty again I hope it stays like that!
  11. I have a 3D background in my tank right now - but I'm planning to remove it because it's pretty big and takes in a lot of space where my goldies can swim.. I'm changing it to plain black I think ..I just need to find a way to get the background out of the tank without breaking the tank
  12. Maybe you can add a bubble wand or small pots with real plants in them? I think it looks nice like this. Very clean
  13. If you use salt without iodine, it should be good Salt avoids infections so I would add it. I hope Naiyou gets better soon! He's a cutie
  14. I feed her small parts of gelfood, about half a teaspoon everytime I feed her(about 3-4 times a day)
  15. There's a little filter which bubbles a lot in the tank. There are also plants in the tank I've also got a bigger filter which filters 185 gallons per hour. I'm feeding them gelfood right now, after feeding, only the ranchu starts gasping.. I've tried to feed peas too, but after eating those, the ranchu started gasping too.. I honestly don't think water conditioner is going to help, since those remove chlorine and heavy metals.. But those aren't in my tap water.
  16. Hi guys! I've been struggling with a problem for quite some time now - my ranchu gasps for air after I feed her, and starts floating after that. Her poo is also filled with bubbles. When I fast her for a few days, she will stop floating and gasping. I've tried different kinds of food - all kinds of pellets and gelfood. But nothing really seems to help - although it looks like she gasps a tad less when I added salt to the tank. The pH of the water is 8 I believe, so does the tap water. The tap water has no ammonia or nitrite, but I don't know the nitrates. There's also no ammonia and nitrite in the tank water The tank is 49 gallons and I've added 0.2% of salt. I don't use any kind of conditioner, since that isn't necessary because there is no chlorine and other evil stuff in my tap water. The water temperature is 21.5 degrees Celcius (70.7 degrees Fahrenheit). I do a 50% water change two times a week. The last water change I did was yesterday. There are two fish in my tank - my fantail and the ranchu. I don't see anything unusual about my ranchu, except for the floating and gasping.. I was wondering if anyone knows what can cause the gasping - I've checked the gills with my microscope already, but I couldn't find any parasites or something. Thanks in advance, Ute
  17. How does it work with the temperature of the water?
  18. Personally, I think goldfish really need a friend When my ryukin passed away, my fantail was alone for like, a week. In that week she was restless and was swimming a bit nervous.. And when I got her a new friend (my ranchu) she was just SO happy She tried to get through the sack where my ranchu was in, and spawned eggs everywhere. So I think goldfish are social creatures and need at least one friend..
  19. I think it's an ammonia burn.. But it's turning black - which means that it's healing. But keep a close eye on your water parameters!
  20. Amazing tank Your goldfish look huge, how big are they?
  21. Cool tank I like Willy, he's cute.
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