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  1. It has, but they are kind of small! Cameras can do wonders.
  2. Thanks for all your answers! Tommorow I'm ordering some special hose cleaning brushes. Acutually, it is quite small, but this is magic of close up photography!
  3. I know this. We are planning a bigger tank, but right now there is no room in our small apartment for it. I have read in Sera (German manufacturer) nitrate testing kit user manual that the use of sintered glass filter media (Siporax) will significantly reduce nitrates. In my canister filter I'm using Eheim Substrat Pro, which is the same type of media. We alse have lots of algae - I don't clean all of them since Fluffy likes to eat them. Maybe they also consumed the missing nitrates? This white stuff is completely different to the algae we have and it seems that it is slowly taking their place.
  4. Hello everybody! This is my first post here. I have one 2" long fantail fish in a 8 gallon tank. His name is Fluffy The tank is fully cycled. Ammonia and nitrites are 0, nitrates prior to regular weekly water change are also close to 0. Ph is 8. On the bottom there is a thin layer of gravel and there is a one floating Anubias Nana plant. Filtration is done by Eheim Ecco pro 130 external canister filter. Aeration is done by a long spray bar that agitates the water. It is placed one inch below water surface and it points upward. The tank is placed few feets from the window that is facing north, so there is no direct sun light. I'm feeding Fluffy sparingly twice a day, the amount he can eat in couple of minutes. I'm feeding him flakes or sticks in the morning, shelled peas in the afternoon. During the day he is eating algae that are growing in the tank. I try not to clean too much of the algae, since they are also a part of a healthy eco system. Fluffy is perfectly healthy and happy, eats well and swims around. But few weeks ago, something strange started to take algae's place. It is growing on plant leaves, on the filter plastic plumbing (inlets and outlets), inside the filter hoses, on the glass thermometer. It grows mostly on glass and plastic, and on the hard Anubias Nana leaves. I can not see any on the gravel, beacuse I have lots of algae on it. It seems that it likes the most the areas with the strongest water flow and near the water surface. So it seems that it likes oxygen? It does not look like any algae that I have seen anywhere, because it is completely white almost translucent. But it also does not fit description of fungus. It is said that fungus forms on food leftovers and/or decaying organic materials like dead plants leaves or fish, fish injuries, etc. This white stuff in my tank is found exclusively on hard plastic and glass surfaces and healthy leaves! So it is not fungus? It looks like this, note the left side of this leaf stem: More pics: Here it is inside the filter inlet, the white stuff is waving in the water stream: Outside on the filter inlet: My biggest problem is that it forms a layer inside the filter tubing and hoses and it is significantly reducing the water flow. After hoses cleaning, the water flow can be reduced up to 50% just in a couple of weeks! Does anybody now what is this? What is the cause of it? How do I fight it? Thanks in advance, Aleksandar .
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