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  1. Oh my gosh! It's an explosion of beautiful Goldie's! I love them all
  2. I love it Fantail! Grinch and the dog are so cute! You did a great job!
  3. Very cute! I love how they line up for the picture
  4. Their so cute! I like the changing color it has a silvery look to it. Love Marley's pic.
  5. They are so pretty . How do you feed the younger ones differently? I know the amount is different but do you feed them more times through the day than the older ones?
  6. Oh my gosh! I love this video! Your fish are precious and I loved the kisses . The song is great!
  7. They are so beautiful! I agree with Fantail, would love to see your whole tank
  8. A very Merry Goldie Christmas video Loved it! I loved the different views and I love that song it makes me think of "Home Alone". which is one of my favorites. The frost makes the tank look so chilly
  9. Very pretty fish. The last picture is my favorite
  10. There all just beautiful! Victoria is my favorite with the silver coloring. I like Sherby and Fozzy too. Aww heck!, I love them all
  11. Waken is so cute and looks just like my Dumplin
  12. Thank you, I do scrub it down and do big water changes. My silk plants I had in there before the Christmas decor had black spots on them. I'm leaving my lights off and only turning on at night. I was running them all day before.
  13. Thank you, I like the polka dots too it kind of has a retro look to it .
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