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  1. Very good to know i was looking at a websight and noticed celestial eye goldfish and thought they looked very cool as well
  2. Now remember with bubble eyes you want to cover the intakes. The reason is some filter intakes can be strong and could pop the bubble sacks good to know cover with what
  3. That works so then i can get a bubble eye and a red and white ranchu
  4. Excelent i heard the bleach thing but wasnt sure. Vinegar is good too i have a bunch of distiled white vinegar im a chef ao its on hand at the house. Right now im running a cycle of water through the 10 and i think im going to put schooling fish in it with some river rocks and plants The 40 i want to put a ship reck scene with freshwater sharks swimming around And the 29 i want 3 goldies and a floral setting
  5. Also got a whisper 20 and whisper 10-30 air pumps and no tubing what are these for just adding more air to tank? Im new to fish keeping so need lots of help
  6. So i got a used 10 and 29 gallon tank with filters and lighting and a brand new never used 40 gal for 95 dollars. Great deal as the 40 cost more than that alone. My question is what is the best way to clean the used stuff there is allot of white build up whichakes me think they were salt water use, but the filter tubes have allot of build up i have them soaking in hot water now but wanted to know what everyones oppinion on the cleaning process before i start building my tanks the filters need cleaning are a topfin 20 and a topfin and a topfin 30 Thanx in advance
  7. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for a fish to lay eggs and a baby fish to hatch I was just stareing at my tank which has only had diah dor 5 days in it, new tank and the fish all darted to a corner and 3 little ones were swimming there, they were gulped up and eatin but i was in awe to see them there i watched them hover around the gravel for like 10inutes before they were eaten they were cool
  8. That is a really good deal! Make sure to test it for leaks. plan on that
  9. I only did that for my daughter my big tank im already planning out with live plants a sunken pirate ship an a bunch of different sharks i saw some silver tails at the pet store and they look awsome
  10. I found a good deal on a 150gal tank with stand and filter heater and all the inards local pickup for 300
  11. This would be my daughters tankand then heres the fish
  12. i have to say there are allot of mom and pop pet shops and fish stores in the area that are good. There are a bunch that are bad too, but the good ones are very personable, same people owning it since i was young im 35 now, walked in and spent an hour there soakin up info from everyone. I now know all the employees in 3 days. And the smart start they suggested actually worked well in 10 hours it pulled my amonia to acceptable levels when tested it wasnt bad just slightly high
  13. Im in roxborough and go to worldwide aquarium and pets on ridge been there for almost 35 yearsaybe longer
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