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  1. Yea, you weren't kidding were you, Dawn. hahaha He is>>>>>>>>>>>> H U G E. He grew a ton in such a short time. Friday might work for me. Not sure yet though. We have out of state cousins visiting. (they are staying at another cousin's house though) We might be over there. Call Dawn and if I'm not home that's why, okay.
  2. I love all the new pieces you added for your tropical tank. It looks gorgeous, Steve. The photo above of the rainbow fish is beautiful. That's so neat that all your goldfish are out in your pond. Do you still have that other tank up with tropical fish? That is/was beautiful also.
  3. Holy Cow, Dawn. He has grown. ​He's not the 4 inch Oscar anymore. hehe The video really shows his size especially next to the bigger rocks. The rocks look small next to him now. hehehe I love him. Big Boy is gorgeous and I love his dark color.
  4. I sure do love your Monsters, Angie.
  5. Thanks for sharing all of your tanks with us. Your fish are beautiful.
  6. Your fish are so cool. They are beautiful. How big are they now? They look like a good size now. Love the set up of your tank also. I
  7. Your tank looks great Angie. Love all your plants and your Betta. I love his color.
  8. That's awesome that their one year birthday of having them is right around the corner. They are beautiful.
  9. Hi Dawn, He is gorgeous. I love how black he his. Big Boy looks so sleek. I guess he prefers an untidy home over a clean home. hehehe I actually love his home though because he designed it himself. hehehe I'll be looking forward to seeing him get bigger and bigger and bigger..............................
  10. I'm kind of secretly hoping he might join Koko's. (secret is out now.) I do kind of think he might if there is ever a problem with any of his fish though. He told me that he never thought of a "fish forum" before. So at least he knows now.
  11. Thanks for the chuckle. During a water change one time ...I was suppose to take water out, but noticed just in time that the water will filling up by mistake. I almost had an overflowing tank.
  12. Your betta is gorgeous with those colors. Congrats on him and your cute Pleco.
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