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  1. I may be able to do 50% weekly water changes.And i will be putting in alot of plants/weed to help without there being any filters.I would get filters but is there any way of getting solar powerd ones?
  2. Shakaho I havent brought the baby orandas yet so i have none.I now have 4 400 Litre ponds though now.I am not going to be running any filters as they will be outside away from power.I also only plan on changeing the water monthly So 100% Water chage monthly.I am wanting them to get to around 8-10cm Within 1 year as well so i can sell them.
  3. Hello there i have 3 400 Litre Plastic troughs that i am wanting to use as ponds for baby orandas.How many orandas that are about 3cms long Could i put in each pond.I am planning on getting them to around 8-10Cm within one year thanks
  4. I brought some of these from the same breeder today.Cant wait for them to arrive.You should post some update photos of these guys
  5. Love him i need to get myself A betta ;D
  6. Are Bare bottomed tanks easier to clean as i am thinking about changeing over to bare bottom too.
  7. OMG I love your Calico.And the wen on that oranda is Wicked.If only we had goldfish like this In new zealand
  8. Hello there yes i am going to get some more 100 litre tubs for the fry would that be ok for them with air pumps in?
  9. Have you got any update photos ?
  10. Hi there yes they are on trademe Thanks I am hopeing to sell all my fish but my 4 breeding orandas.And then get some of those calico lionheads that are on trademe ;D
  11. I think im going to have to get my self a few of these off trademe once i sell a few of my unwanted fish i have at the moment.Its Also very rare to find such good Lionheads in New Zealand
  12. Thanks for the help .Ye only reason why i got so many fish at the moment is cuase i brought a lot in bulk as there were a few fish i liked in the group and am still trying to get rid of my extras
  13. Well i have this set up in my garage.I have a 200 litre tank with all my grown up fish about 15 of them.Then i have a 500 litre pond with about 44 baby orandas(That a brought cuase i havent been able to breed any).Last off i have a 100 litre tub with my 4 breeding orandas i just cant get them to spawn does any one have any tips for me?
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