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  1. Maybe I'll try that or I have one of those things where its a bowl and has a thing that you use to grind things up in I forget what it is called. I'm just scared some of them aren't eating since people said they should swarm to the food but they don't
  2. How do I know if they eat it and do I put it right into the water or mix it with water first? They gotta be eating if they lasted almost a week right?
  3. its weird but kinda cool that you can see their food in their tummies
  4. When I feed with egg yolk does it stay in the water for longer than a day??or what?
  5. I can't wait to see what they look like
  6. was it a deformity or just genetics?
  7. Well their mom and dad are both fantails one is a common and the other is a calico.
  8. awww today I can see their little front fins move when they swim:)
  9. so I shouldn't try feeding them the tab then since it has that in it?
  10. I bought these tank nibbler things awhile back for my fish but they never caught on so I rarely feed it to them but they are tabs..They have that kind of algae in it and veggies..Could I soak a tab in water till it dissolves and feed them that?
  11. I won't be able to get them store food till the weekend though Are your fry at the free-swimming stage yet? Also, do you have a thread for tracking their progress so that more experienced breeding members can assist? Yea they are free swimming and I did start one saying that I had fry again but I don't have any pictures on there. They are about 6mm
  12. I won't be able to get them store food till the weekend though
  13. How do I know if my fry are eating? I'm trying mixing flakes with tank water to make food but I'm not sure if it's working..I was going to try egg yolk..But I wanted to know like will I know if they are eating? and what is some other foods I can make for them but at home.
  14. They are starting to be a lot more active when they were they swim a bit and then stop then swim a bit and so on
  15. So maybe by tom they will start swimming it's getting there
  16. They move around here and there but they aren't swimming around yet.
  17. I can't wait to see what it looks like once it's set up:)
  18. Yea I'm the same way..I just wish I knew a better way on raising fry and what's suppose to go on each day because sometimes I'm like aren't they suppose to be swimming..is this suppose to happen..etc.etc.
  19. I think I'll seperate them into different containers.
  20. I'm trying to get photos but my camera is having a hard time focusing on them. Question though two or three of my fry have this like white film stuff around them is this bad or what should I do?
  21. Thanks everyone:) Its right near the filter so water does flow through it but I've sanded down any sharp edges or anything on it so they wouldn't get hurt. I orginally had a I guess its called a elbow pvc pipe in there but Zora is now too big for it and Bear getting there so I got a new one that they could all fit through not just Chewie.
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