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  1. I did not think about this..but good point haha. I did add one of my old filters on for now till I get a another aqueaon filter or a aquaclear one. Now with both filters the gph is 215:)
  2. I plan on it but I do frequent water changes and right now It's the biggest tank I can have so I make do:/ Yep that's the one. Hmm didn't know that but thanks for letting me know:) and I've heard a lot of good things about aquaclear filters, I might just check it out.
  3. 20gal and a filter for a 20gal its a aqueon
  4. I was thinking about adding another filter to my tank and if I did would it change anything. Just curious.
  5. I love you tank setup and the fish that's your profile picture is beautiful:)
  6. Zora Zora and bear Bear Bear and Chewie Chewie: Just look at his cute lil wen<33 Side view to see how big he has gotten Last but not least my booger:) saxon
  7. So I'm down to one fry today..but he/she isn't doing well because they have a floating problem..I'm going to try my best to keep it alive but I don't really know what to do. I plan on cleaning the tank today(10gal, 3 inches of water) and maybe lowering the tank water so it isn't a lot of pressure on the fish. I read somewhere( I think on here) how someone changed the water 20% everyday and fed the fry peas everyother day and it worked. Hopefully it does but at the same time somethings aren't meant to be.
  8. I hope things look up for you:) I'm sure you'll find a good home for them.
  9. The parents are both fantails, so yes they are fancies. I just wasn't sure if all fancies were deep bodied sorry.
  10. What would be a deep body fry? they are fancy fry tho
  11. I noticed that my one fry is floaty. He/she is usually swimming around but lately is at the top of the tank belly up. I've been feeding them Hikari first bites..what can I do to help him/her?
  12. Yeah I feed them hikari first bites right now. It's 75 degrees, I did read that when the tank is warmer like 80-84 it speeds up their metabolism where the cold water slows it down. So I'll try to keep the tank a bit warmer.
  13. yea they are fancy fry and I've had them since june/july and they are still pretty tiny except for one. They are developing their dorsal fins though, but I thought they would be much bigger by now.
  14. So for a little while now I've been feeding my fry First Bites by hikari and I was wondering is there anything else to make them grow faster? Also can I feed them veggies and etc?
  15. I keep a few rocks here and there in my tank so they can mess with but its probably about two handefuls or so.
  16. I feel like it's been awhile since i've posted about my babies haha so I thought I would just kind of do just a general update on everyone:) Nothing is really new with the goldie tank other than Bear is actually a girl and Zora is a boy..I saw some breeding stars on Zora haha but I think I'll just keep their names the way they are. Chewie is growing but still cute as ever:) Bow just got a new tank a 5.5gallon and seems to be loving it so far. I also got him one of those leafs that they lay on, he's still getting use to it but i've been feeding him above it just like the package said. I'm down to 5 fry..They seemed to not be growing as fast as they should so I bought actual fry food for them from the petsore instead of feeding them crushed flakes. One fry doesn't have a tail and another seems to only have one side of it's tail but I love them all equally:) They are in a 10 gallon as of right now and my friend who has a empty 30 gallon said he would take at least one. He also has a 55 gallon I think he said and he has a couple single tailed friends. Also I know he doesn't have fins but Saxon is getting bigger everyday it seems. He learned how to swim this summer and made a bunch of new puppy friends. I can't wait till he gets to experience snow for the first time:p I will deffiently have to post pictures of everyone soon:)
  17. My first fish that I took care of myself was Sushi(he was a comet). I won him at a fair during the summer and he lasted 8days in a bowl:/ After that I bought Bear and Zora on the 18th of july and expanded my knowledge on goldfish and got them a better home. It has now been a year and they are still alive and growing and I've expanded my fin family:)
  18. Zora does this around feeding time but only here and there I just keep an eye on them to make sure nothing bad happens. I feel like she just wants all the food to herself lol
  19. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/111697-meet-bowiebow/
  20. Since I am going to be giving them away for free I will ask what they plan on doing with the fish and etc. which might seem a bit dumb but I don't want to just give them away to someone who isn't going to take good care of them.
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