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  1. Thank you Thank you and yeah he's a cutie:p Thank you
  2. I like the name flower also:) and you're fish are goregous.
  3. Congratz!! the tank is beautiful and can't wait to see pictures of the end results.
  4. Sorry I didn't do this sooner but here are a few pictures of the fish and my new 40breeder tank. Here's pictures of the fish: Chewie Bear: Bear/Zora: Xya: When I first got her Now The tank(sorry about the glare): I do plan on getting another plant to put in the tank(40b) and another filter for back up. My fish(most likely Zora and Bear) spawned recently and I thought why not give it another shot since I have a 10gallon and a 20 gallon free right now. I do plan on taking pictures daily but will probably not be making any posts until they hatch and etc. I hope you enjoyed the pictures:)
  5. The tank looks great with the top and light:) I can't wait to take pictures and show you guys. The tank is a bit bare since it only has a few rocks on the bottom so I might eventually get a plant to put in it.
  6. Well yesterday didn't go quite as planned..The shopping wasn't too bad other than I realized after I got home that the tank was tetra so I couldn't get the rebate because I got a aqueon filter(which is my fault for not reading). Sadly my aqeuon 20 doesn't fit on the back of the tank so I only have one filter going right now and eventually I plan on getting a tetra one(as back up since my tetra filter decided to die on me recently). The tank is bigger than I expected..I guess it's a lot different when it comes down to it rather than just measurements haha. I got the glass cut and etc..downfall was the glass was just a tinie bit longer than it was suppose to be so I sanded it down a bit to smooth the edges(so I wouldn't cut myself) and hoping it would help..but it didn't. Also while trying to see if the glass would fit it dropped and broke:/(luckily the tank was empty). At this point I was just frustrated that it wasn't turning out the way I wanted and pretty much gave up. Today I plan on going to petco and getting the versa top for the tank instead of spending more money on glass or whatever. I was going to go last night but the glass incident didn't happen till almost 8pm and they closed at 7pm. and as I cried to my mom because I was so frustrated she told me and this is why we can't have nice things, which made me laugh.
  7. I'm not particularly handy either, but I find if I take things slow and read thoroughly, it all works out in the end. I'm hoping that's how it will work out I mean to make the lid it's pretty simple. I'm just nervous about getting the glass cut to the wrong size or something along those lines.
  8. haha I will take pictures once everything is set up and let you know how the lid goes.I do like the idea behind the lid but the downfall is I have filters the hang on the back of the tank so I gotta keep that in mind also. I think it will be easy though, I'm just nervous because I'm not handy at all haha.
  9. I've had Xya for 3 months now and she's just growing and growing and she's this lovely color(dark blue then the tips of her fins are this purplely red). Chewie's birthday was March 8th:) I can't believe a year ago I got him and he was smaller than the size of my mouse to my computer. Bear and Zora are still doing great. I will be ugrading to a 40 gallon breeder this sunday:D Now with buying the tank, filter, lights, and lid. It's a lot of money..:/ So I'm trying to spend less and I've looked around at prices and etc. already but I came across this DIY for a sliding glass top..which you can find at http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/showthread.php?t=42194 So I'm going to attempt to make this for my 40 gal..and if it's just too much than I'll just give in and buy the versa top at petco. Also it turns out that I need to rearrange my room since the new tank won't fit where I have my old one..so this weekend will be a little hectic with the new tank and moving things around ontop of getting things ready for prom and figuring out college things.
  10. hmmph:/ I was originally going to get this http://www.petco.com/product/7394/Aqueon-Fluorescent-Strip-Lights-in-Black.aspx?CoreCat=certona-_-ProductListTopRated_Fish_1-_-Aqueon%20Fluorescent%20Strip%20Lights%20in%20Black-7394 But the reviews are kinda bad:/
  11. Have any of you used these lights and if so would you reccomend them or not?I plan on buying my tank and stuff on sunday or monday and I have no clue what to go with. http://www.petsmart.com/fish/lighting-hoods/aqueon-colormax-t5-aquarium-light-fixture-zid36-16413/cat-36-catid-300015?var_id=36-16413 http://www.petsmart.com/sale/lighting-hoods/marineland-led-bright-lighting-system-zid36-16480/cat-36-catid-900398?var_id=36-16480
  12. Thanks I'm hoping you guys are right since I would love a new tank for my birthday haha even if it'll be a little late ::fingers crossed::
  13. Does anyone know when the next one is going to be?
  14. Could this work if I got two to go ontop? http://www.petco.com/product/112178/Aqueon-Deluxe-Full-Fluorescent-Black-Aquarium-Hoods.aspx?CoreCat=FamilyCrossSell OR this one http://www.petco.com/product/116628/Marineland-LED-Single-Bright-Aquarium-Lighting-System.aspx?CoreCat=certona-_-ProductListTopRated_Fish_4-_-Marineland%20LED%20Single%20Bright%20Aquarium%20Lighting%20System-116628 http://www.petco.com/product/118304/Marineland-Hidden-LED-Lighting-System.aspx and I would want to use something like this http://www.petco.com/product/121448/Hamilton-Technology-Programmable-Dual-Outlet-Digital-Timer-for-Aquarium-Equipment.aspx
  15. I'm pretty much looking for something not too expensive..Ok, have you tried looking at fluorescent lights? You can try to find a shop light that fits your tank pretty well. Not yet I didn't know which route was best to go by so I wanted to see what most fish users use. I'll spend roughly $100 but I don't want to buy something that is a lot of money to replace the bulbs and etc.
  16. I'm pretty much looking for something not too expensive..
  17. I don't plan on having a planted tank or anything that needs special lighting conditions. I just wanted to find a lighting system that will light my tank nicely. Maybe even get a timer for the lights so it changes from night to day if there is such a thing haha. This might sound dumb but my fish tank stand is less than a half an inch shorter than 36" is there a way to make it longer to support the tank or should I just get a new one?
  18. I was wondering if anyone could give me the demnsions of a 40 gallon breeder and a 40 gallon long and does petco sell 40 gallon breeders during the dollar per gallon sale? Also I was wondering what you guys use for lighting and where you purchased it.
  19. Nope she didn't have any blue and then after a few days it started to show. I remember though that when she got stressed the blue on her body faded so maybe it was that way with her fins too when I first got her. I'm not sure. Yep at petco. Thank you everyone I can't wait till she gets even bigger:)
  20. So I've had Xya a little over an month now and I wanted to show you guys her developement since I got her. When I first got her. Now.
  21. abcdomo

    Xya Update

    I feel like it is:p
  22. abcdomo

    Xya Update

    I can't wait for her to get bigger.
  23. abcdomo

    Xya Update

    I've had Xya (my baby betta) for 6 days now. She/he hasn't shown any stress stripes in the past 2 days:) I just only wish Xya was easier to take pictures of haha. When I first got Xya. Today:)
  24. Thank you and that was the day I got him but it's now day 3 and he/she is a bit bloated. I was feeding Xya 3 times a day but I guess I'll cut it back a bit maybe. Will do:)
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