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  1. Here are my babies Bear(calico fantail)& Zora(common fantail). I kinda feel like they look like ugly ducklings next to the other fish I've seen on here Oh well I still love them:) I'll eventually post better pictures later.
  2. Man I feel like my fish look like ugly ducklings next to everyone's on here lol
  3. Yeah I have a 10 gallon and was only planning on getting something to clean the gravel.
  4. My mom agreed to get me a siphon:D so I wanted to know which is the best in your opinion.
  5. I thought it went ammonia spike then nitrites then nitrates.. also it can take months to cycle a tank I heard:/
  6. what kind of fish do you have? and I love all of your tanks:)
  7. Just wondering what should you own or need when you have goldfish:) Also are there anything else that goldfish lovers should get for their fish to keep them happy and healthy but don't necessarily need?
  8. So I'm going to eventually go bare bottom or just have a few rocks here and there but I really just want to see what others have done decor wise for their bare bottom tanks:) So post lots and lots of pictures of your bare bottom tank and of course lovely companions
  9. I want to get a ranchu but when it's still small and watch it grow:)
  10. Okies well thanks I'll deff start taking the gravel out over the next few days and maybe just leave a couple rocks here and there like some people do
  11. Should I then just clean out my whole tank then to start new with no gravel to get all the stuff out or?
  12. I was wondering if there is a way to clean my gravel without a siphon or is there a easy way to make one? Eventually I'll get one its just my mom isn't very fond of my love for fish and I hate asking her for things..So once I get a job I'll get one. I mean my fish don't seem very bothered but I don't like the idea of rotting food and poop hiding in my gravel
  13. To weigh my fish I use a food scale since it does do oz. but you want to make sure the scale has a tare button on it. So when you weigh the fish you want to put the container full of water down(no fish yet) and then you hit tare and it will then only weigh your fish once you put it in. I hope the vid/me helped:)
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