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  1. Also his dorsal fin isn't clamped anymore:)
  2. I clean my tank every week and tend to test it here and there to make sure everything is looking good. I tend to keep up with the water changes hence why this whole situation is confusing. The newest thing in my tank is a filter and the algae eater but i've had them for about 2 months now. At the moment my last fish is still eating so I think that's a good sign, he is still bottom sitting though and occasionally moves here and there..He definitely looks better than what the other fish did..He does have a bit of white on his tail fins, but it doesn't look fuzzy or anything.
  3. I do have my own test kit and mentioned that I tested the water at home myself. Nothing seems to be showing up in the tests, but i'm now down to one fish. I've never had a issue with my tank in the last three years and not sure what's going on. I'm still going to continue treating the last fish and hope it's not too late for him.
  4. Recently my tank has seemed to dwindle due to my fish getting sick with something I am not sure of and dying..I have three fish out of four left not including the algae eater and two of the fish aren't looking too good. I've been doing waterchanges more frequently and have started them on meds yesterday, but I think it might be too late since whatever it is seems to be progressing fast..I took my water in to be tested at a local fish store and took pictures in to get advice(I did test it myself at home, but the person recommended that I should bring some water in so they could test it also). Turns out and just like I figured, my water is perfect and safe..No clue what is happening, but I'm hoping for the best..I was wondering though how can I disinfect all of my stuff to make sure this doesn't happen again or if I do decide to restock my tank.
  5. I am possibly looking at rehoming my fish and not sure where to turn to..I've thought about just keeping up with the matience and care for them till something happens, but not sure if that would be the best situation. I have always adored having fish and maybe this is just something that is a passing thought, but I feel as if it'd be easier to rehome them. I really don't want to part with them after spending three years patiently expanding my knowledge and my lovely set up..At this moment in time I have a lot to do between school and work and other things..Anyone one else ever feel this way? I wish I had a friend that was into fish and had the knowledge and wants to take them in for a bit..I'd just feel so bad about giving up on them..I have two fantails one is a common and the other is a calico,one oranda who is orange, and a black moor. I live in southeastern Pa so if anyone is willing to take them on here let me know. It isn't for sure, but just so I have a back up plan. I rather give them to people who will love them and take care of them properly than to someone on craiglist...thanks for your time.
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