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  1. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place and it should have been in the plant section! I was just wondering if normal daytime bright white lights should be on at night time? This person I know has a 30 litre (8 us gallon) tank with two goldfish in it (I know, overstocked!) and one live plant. She lets the tank get natural sunlight in the daytime and puts the light on at night. Wouldn't this be stressful for the fish and not let them get proper rest at night? She doesn't know what type of plant it is but it's only one single live plant and a few fake ones too. Is it really necessary to put the light on at night? Thanks!
  2. They are all so beautiful but I especially like Legolas!
  3. I agree with everyone else. I love how it looks right now and all I would do is add a bubble wand which would look nice and may keep your fish entertained!
  4. The amount of pellets fed in a day can be a trial and error sort of thing. The maximum amount I can give my fish are two (soaked) pellets a day otherwise they will get too floaty. If your fish doesn't have swim bladder disorder then I think more than two pellets would be ok. It also depends on what else you feed that day like vegetables and frozen food too.
  5. They are both so cute but I especially like the orange oranda!
  6. She looks really nice! I like the name Luna for her.
  7. Hashi's colour has changed so much and they both look so healthy! Thanks for doing the update
  8. I could see them very clearly on the video on photobucket and I think the first one's the prettiest but they both look lovely!
  9. Yay! Thank you! I want to see how Hashi is doing.
  10. Tithra's going to do a new video?! Did she actually say she was or are you just asking?
  11. I love your tank so much and your fish just look amazing!
  12. He's very pretty! By the way, I think the rocks look nice in your tank
  13. They are the aqua internal filter 100 and 200, there's also a 400. I think these are the cheapest ones.
  14. I have two superfish (maidenhead aquatics own brand) ones and they're good!
  15. I have medium-large sized rocks in my tank (not completely smooth) and my fish sometimes knock them about and I've never seen any scratches. It should be fine.
  16. Oh totally missed that! Thought those were plant roots! Yeah I did too at first! I just saw Shelly's youtube video update of her tank and it's a whisker shrimp.
  17. Mallow would be a great name for the red cap!
  18. I love the fourth picture! They all look really cute and healthy
  19. Can they jump, because he might have jumped out and been eaten?
  20. I use NLS pellets for my goldfish and think they're really good! They don't make my fish too floaty.
  21. Ok, thank you everyone! She seems to be acting fine today so I guess I was lucky this time.
  22. Oh dear! I got a tissue and rubbed as much off as I could but I didn't know if she was choking so I wanted to be quick. I'll just have to keep an eye on her. I'm doing a water change tomorrow so if any got in the water, it will be removed.
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