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  1. That's a lovely surprise! Good luck with it
  2. It would be fun to have some white cloud mountain minnows in a biorb tank! They're so tiny I don't think it matters what the shape of the tank is. There were 3 biorbs that they were giving away so I hope I win one!
  3. I wasn't planning on buying one so don't worry, I won't waste my money! I'm entering a competition out of a magazine to win one so I'll only be wasting a stamp!
  4. They look great, but again, have terrible filters. It's also pretty much impossible to put something in it because the opening on top is so small. Yeah, the filters do seem pretty small.
  5. Thanks Coral isn't actually a tele, she just has big eyes! I think she's my prettiest fish!
  6. Thanks! I think they're best for fish other thank goldfish, the shapes just aren't right.
  7. I think this is anubias. The moneywort I got a couple of weeks ago is doing ok with only a tiny bit of nibbling when I first put it in. I'm lucky because my fish aren't plant nibblers!
  8. Does anyone know what the latest range of biorb tanks are called please? Thank you!
  9. Actually, this is not true. Besides pooping out wastes, aquatic snails, like fish, also respire/excrete ammonia. So, snails will most definitely affect your water quality. Oh, I didn't know that!
  10. I know that this is kind of gross but when my nerite snail does his business, he goes to the top of the tank glass to do it where there is no water. When I do a water change a just get it off with a tissue so I don't think my snail affects my water quality at all!
  11. In the evenings (after feeding) my ribbon tail is usually a bit floaty so she is just floating around randomly in the tank. By the morning she is always sinking so at some point in the night her constipation gets better (or maybe it just changes because sinking isn't quite right either but better than floating!). My fantail Doesn't really have a specific place either, just somewhere in the middle of the tank.
  12. It's all set up now with the gravel, silk plant and heater! The person at the pet store said that she could have two females and one male in there, is that right? I thought that they would fight so I advised my friend just to get one, just to be on the safe side!
  13. Thanks, I'll tell her the comments! I think the blue on the tank edges and hood matches with the fish! It make me really want to get a betta
  14. I only scrub the algae off the front glass in the winter when my snail is less active. I don't really mind the look of it and I think it looks kind of natural! I have a fake plant where the algae has got so thick it's become so furry and soft and one of my fish is always nibbling at it!
  15. This is my friends new betta called Ocean Blue in my old 30 litre/8 us gallon tank that I gave her (that my goldfish used to be in). I had to put youtube's music over it (that I don't really like) because my friends were being really loud in the background! She still needs to get a filter, heater, gravel and plants so it looks pretty bare in there. Luckily it's hot weather so the betta will hopefully be ok until tomorrow when she can get the stuff.
  16. If it will make me have better water quality then I will definitely get that! I looked on google and they look nice too and seem to have slightly softer leaf edges.
  17. I just looked on ebay and there are loads of anubias plants on there so I think I may get them! I just hope the leaf edges aren't to sharp
  18. Yeah! I'll see if I can find some anubias which should last a while unless it's in with fish like yours!
  19. That's good! Do you think I need to buy a fertiliser to put in there once a week? I'd say that you could, if you'd like to. I generally dose right after each water change, and my plants look pretty good. Ok, thanks. I think I might do that then! I think I'll probably get rid of all of my fake plants and replace them with real ones and then it will be worth putting the fertiliser in!
  20. That's good! Do you think I need to buy a fertiliser to put in there once a week?
  21. Thanks everyone! That picture looks like my plant. I'm trying to distract my fish with spinach which is working but even before I put the spinach in they just pecked it a couple of times. I didn't think this would last long but it seems as though it might! I hope it does live because it's my first plant and I think it makes the tank look so pretty and natural!
  22. I went to the fish shop today to buy a live plant but none of the plants were labelled. Does anyone know what type of plant this is? It has kind of soft leaves but luckily my goldfish have barely been nibbling on them! Thanks!
  23. I have my tank in my bedroom with two internal filters. When mine are new them always hum/vibrate for a little while and then the longer I have it, the quieter it gets. So if I get a new filter I just have to put up with sleepless nights for a while! Are your filters kind of new?
  24. Thanks for the replies! That's what I thought but I needed to be extra certain because she can be quite stubborn and will try to tell me that it is perfectly fine. Can you believe that she is one of the smartest people in the year and she said that fish don't rest or sleep because they don't have eyelids!!? It must be horrible for the poor fish so I'll tell her the next time I see her.
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