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  1. Well my mum says I'm stressing her out now so I can't really talk to her anymore about it. I've (calmly and nicely) explained to her about Peachy but she doesn't like to have anything to do with my fish and doesn't want me to talk about them (even when they are not ill!). Thank you very much for the generous offer U.K. Becs but my mum says no thank you. My mum says that I am either allowed to buy epsom salt and put Peachy in the 3 u.s. gallon bucket tomorrow or let her die naturally. Thank you everyone for the help.
  2. My mum is quite stressed about this especially since we're having to use the utility (fish business) sink as our kitchen sink as well. Our normal kitchen sink won't be sorted out until sunday so my mum says I can't touch fish water until then. She really doesn't want me to use a storage bin. And sorry motherredcap but I don't think she will want to check in here. My mum really isn't very good with fish related things and thinks that most things to do with it are harmful.
  3. It's too late now to go to the pharmacy and my parents won't let me get a container bigger than 3 gallons. I think she's suffering. She now can't get off her side and swims like that too (when she occasionally does swim) and she looks dead apart from her gills and mouth moving a tiny bit. I hope she doesn't get stuck to the filter in the night! I don't think it's right to do nothing so should I euthanize her?
  4. I just had dinner and when I came back, she was stuck to the filter intake. I thought she was dead! I've just turned the filter off for a little bit and she's moved away from it. She really isn't looking good, I feel so sorry for her. Can anybody give me suggestions on what I should do. Should I euthanize her?
  5. Should I kill her with clove oil? My dad says it's not practical to put her in a different tank/container and thinks we should just do nothing since we can't get metro meds. I don't want to do nothing because dropsy can get quite nasty, I don't know if it's painful though.
  6. My mum doesn't really want me to put her in a storage container. Would the bucket be ok?
  7. Could I put her in a 3 gallon bucket if I did regular water changes? I'll ask my mum now if I could buy a storage bin but I don't think she'll agree to it because she doesn't really like fish stuff. Thanks
  8. Should I try and get the epsom salt now? What would I have to do with the salt, dose the whole tank or stuff it in a pea and feed it to her? I think the only way I can get medicated food is by going to a vet but I'm not completely sure.
  9. Where can you get epsom salt from? I've looked for it before and haven't found it. It's 5:30 so the fish store would be closed now so I can't get metro meds until tomorrow but I might be able to get the salt.
  10. I just picked her up and put a tiny piece of soft, blanched spinach in her mouth and she seems to be chewing it. She didn't even struggle to get out of my hand like she usually would. I have no epsom salt or metro! All I have is aquarium salt. Thank you very much for your help!
  11. I hope you can see it here. This was her in the morning when she wasn't so bad.
  12. This is a video of her. She is like this nearly all day.
  13. I don't have an ammonia test kit Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 15 PH: 7.6 KH: between 6 and 10 GH: between 7 and 14 Brand of test kit: JBL easy test 6 in 1 (strips) I changed the water on Saturday about 30%. Two fish in the tank. The sick one is about 5 or 6cm. Conditioner: sometimes API stress coat but usually aqua care. I feed them soaked new life spectrum every other day because they have bad swim bladder and it's getting cold now. I also feed spinach. I haven't added any new fish. I haven't added medication. I have used salt to help fin tears in the past but not at the moment. Temperature: 21 degrees The tank is 12 us gallons and has been running for almost 2 years. I change the water every week, 50%. But for the past month I have been having to do 25% water changes sometimes since I haven't been well. My red fantail has been bottom sitting since Friday but has still been active when I give her food. Today it has got really bad and she won't even eat anymore. Her scales are very slightly raised (mainly on her underside). There seems to be a slight swelling on her underside, between her two pectoral fins (sorry, it's hard to explain). Since this morning she has lost her balance and is now lying on her side and will not react to me. She has swim bladder problems but I don't think that is what this is because I fasted her yesterday and she usually floats and doesn't sink. She has got bad really quickly! Please help, I think she's dying!
  14. How exciting, good luck for when they come! The tank looks really nice with that substrate by the way and the live plants
  15. I'll keep an eye on that and test the water three times a week.
  16. When I talk in gallons I'm doing us gallons not imperial. On you tube and here that's what's used so that's what I think in now! And yeah, I'll try what you said.
  17. Ok, I'll do that and fit in some morning feeds!
  18. At the weekend I feed bloodworms or daphnia which would be a food to help growth I think. Every time I feed them I always give them spinach so two pellets isn't all they are getting (but I suppose spinach isn't really going to make them grow).
  19. That would reassure my mum about it leaking but then she'd still be worried that the ceiling would fall down!
  20. I have two internal filters that do 158 gallons per hour which is more filtration than I have to have! They don't sell hang on back filters where I live (I couldn't have one anyway because of the way the lid of my tank is) and I think it would be great to have a canister filter but my mum says that they are ugly and it's just another opportunity for something to leak.
  21. I could also (when I had the time) do water changes twice a week! Thank you for all of your help
  22. Thanks for the suggestions, I could try this but I don't know if I'll get very far.
  23. Thank you for being so understanding I have had them for two years and they are about 2 inches now. I do understand and hear what your saying. I was thinking about our emails and got to rethink about you only feeding your fish two pellets a day. I don't think that's a lot for them. I understand the reasoning you gave also. Perhaps you can still try other brands/foods. Or add at least two more pellets during the day. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable will see your post and add some suggestions. I even thought of suggesting to you by putting each fish in their own tank with the small tanks you have now. They would be getting a bit more room as in gallons instead of sharing the small one now. Just thoughts thrown out to you. Your fish really aren't in the best position now and I feel for you. I know you love them also. I can tell. Are you talking about the Betta tank? I would rather you try to get a 20 gallon long tank for your fish that you have now instead of trying to get another tank with more fish. Even though a 20 gallon tank isn't ideally the best size as noted in above comments it's much better then the setup you have now. Use that betta money for your goldfish. I don't know if you celebrate Christmas and open and share gifts but that's something you can shoot for. A new tank for Christmas. When Petco has their dollar sale you can purchase the tank for $20.00. By the time you get a stand and bigger filter the cost isn't too bad for a Christmas gift. Sorry I didn't make that clear! I meant the betta tank I am allowed to have. I live in England so don't have petco unfortunately (unless I can order from them?). I know that my mum regrets letting me get goldfish because of their need for larger tanks and it stressed her enough just the 12 gallon which she thinks is massive and is plenty of room for them. I've told her about the nitrogen cycle but because my fish are small and have lots of swimming space, she thinks it's unnecessary having something bigger. I don't know if I mentioned this before but I have live plants in my tank which help with water quality and I have two filters on the tank and the fish aren't cramped in there. If only I had researched before getting them (Just yesterday I saw a TV program with a bowl of 2 goldfish in the characters living room. This is why people get into my situation!). And with the feeding I could feed 2 pellets in the morning and in the evening, that may reduce swim bladder while still giving them the amount they need. I probably won't do this in winter though because I reduce feeding then because their metabolism slows down then. By the way I'm going to be doing 80% water changes every week instead of 50% which will help things. And yes, I love my fish very much.
  24. I asked my mum if I could get the tank and she said that she'd think about it! I'm so happy! Usually she would just say now straight away but I think she's really considering it.
  25. Thank you for being so understanding I have had them for two years and they are about 2 inches now.
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