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  1. Wow, that was so tense waiting to hear what you thought! Her tail really dosn't fan out a single bit so yeah probably veiltail! This is soooo exciting Thanks for your help!!!!
  2. Thanks, she is beautiful! She does have a white dorsal fin that you can't really see in the pic so I'm not really sure what she is!
  3. Oh thanks! Which one do you think she is? I think that she looks like a shubunkin but she's double tailed.
  4. http://s1153.photobucket.com/albums/p504/CoralPeachy/?action=view&current=photo_zps8d938e15.jpg I can't believe I did that!!!!!!!!!! ( I'm not the best with computers) Thanks for your help!
  5. Sorry that I don't have a photo it's just I can't seem to get any pics on here which is really annoying! Anyway, I have had a calico ryukin for a year now and she still hasn't got a hump! My fantail seems to have more of a hump than her! What do you think she could be, she does not have a rounded body at all and her tail doesn't fan out at all?
  6. I was wondering the same thing but didn't really know where to ask!
  7. Congratulations He's a very lucky fish getting you as his owner!
  8. I've never found a tooth before but I think it's partly because I have gravel. Do you have a bare bottom tank?
  9. I got an air pump yesterday and my fish love it, they keep on swimming through the bubbles and seem so much more active! Thank you for the advice
  10. If I was to get that my mum probably would make me where goggles and gloves and a protective body suit too! Thanks for tha advise
  11. I have had my fish for a year now and have never used a water test kit. Do the drop test kits have any warning signs on them like corrosive or irritant because if they do I can't get them because my mum gets kinda funny about things like that. Is it worth getting the test strips even though they aren't as accurate, it would be better than nothing at all right? Thank you. P.S. I only have £20 so I could buy an air pump and stone ect. or the test kit but I don't know which is more important.
  12. We bought a water softener which affects all of our indoor taps but not our cold outdoor one. Is it bad to use softened water and can I add something to make it hard again? The water from outside is freezing and I think would give them quite a shock. Thank you!
  13. I think that this is something that while technically possible, is not probable. As you know, ich will continue to propagate if they are in the aquarium, and eventually will manifest in full blown disease. This should be a rather quick amount of time, considering their mode of reproduction. Moreoever, complete immunity to ich is something that fish does develop, so I think that given the time frame of how long the fish has been without ich, I do not think that there is any ich in the tank. Having said that, the tonic dose of 0.1% is a fantastic idea. Well that's reassuring!
  14. Oh ok, thanks. Just one more question, is it best to not have gravel because can't parasites lay eggs or wait there until it attaches onto a fish?
  15. I was just wondering if it was possible for my fish to get ich and I've had them for a year now. I was just reading stuff about it and it made me kind of worried. Is there anything i can do to prevent it. If there are never any parasites in your tank in the first place and havn't been for ages then can they suddenly be even if you havn't added any new fish? Thank you!
  16. What's the point of the spay bar if you already have an air curtain because wouldn't that make enough bubbles already? Or is it just that the more bubbles the better?!
  17. I buy those for my goldfish/tropicals every so often and they all love them! I forget what they're called here (There's probably different brands) but I've seen shrimp ones in addition to the vegi/plant ones. Oddly enough my cat who has no interest in my fish or their food goes crazy when I open the packet and tries to steal them. That's funny because my cat doesn't care about them but loves their proper food and jumps on my lap trying to get it, she also loves peas!
  18. I prefer zebra snails to apple snails. My tank just seems a lot cleaner with my zebra snail. I still did like my apple snail though, he was my first snail! It was quite disgusting though when he died: the evening before he died, he was floating at the top of the tank but his doory type of thing was open and he wasn't completely in his shell. We took him out after about 3 hours of this because it said on the internet that if the door was open it meant that they were dead because their mussles obviousely wouldn't be working so it we be all limp. I gently poked him and he moved so I put him back in the tank where he carried on floating. The next morning he was near the bottom of the tank but it appeared that he was stuck to the glass so I thought that he must have been alive. But there was this disgusting thing coming out of his body that looked like a little bit of him had exploded! Then after about 5 hours he still hadn't moved but his insides had gon back in. So I moved the plant that was next to him and he fell to the bottom of the tank. His shell was leaning on the plant which made it look as if he was still attached to the glass. So he was definitely dead so I buried him which my brother thought was very silly because he was only a snail but I did feel kind of sad about him dying. Does anyone know what could have happened and if he should have lived longer than a year?
  19. As a treat for my goldfish, once a week I give them: JBL Novo Fect. It's for plant eating aquarium fish but my goldfish love it. You just press it down on the glass for about 10 secs and it will stick and you watch them nibble away at it! I'm not sure if they sell them in America but they probably do even if it isn't the same brand.
  20. Thanks for the advice! I'm so glad I became a member at kokos goldfish, everyone is so helpful!
  21. I only have a 30 litre/8 us gallon tank but am unable to get a new tank for about 6 months. I'm only 13 so it's kind of tricky to save up and my parents aren't too keen on it as they don't think it's necessary and they don't want the hassle. I'm planning on getting a 120 litre/30 us gallon tank. I have a ryukin and fantail that I have had for a year now and they are about 4 inches. Do you think that they will be ok until then, will their growth be stunted? Thank you!
  22. I'm not sure why but it won't allow me to put any photos on here which is soooo annoyng! My fish used to always peck and head but my apple snail but for some reason they don't do it with Berty Bubble, it could be because he's much smaller. I put pleco algae wafers in once a week but I'm not sure if he gets any because my fish always nibble at it but he seems to be doing alright so I won't worry about it. By the way it's my fishes birthday tomorrow and I would have had her for one year! Peachy!
  23. My golden apple snail died about a month ago ( he was 1 year old) so I got a zebra snail and I have never seen my glass so clean! His name is Berty Bubble and he has a really nice pattern. I love watching their mouths when they eat the algae off of the glass. He (now a she) started laying eggs all over the glass but I don't think that they will hatch. My water is slightly salty (my fish has swim bladder problems and it's meant to help) but not salty enough for the eggs to hatch so no baby snails for me.
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