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  1. Unfortunately he died yesterday.I hope he is now in a better place Thank you for all your help.
  2. I forgot to tell that lately he keeps his mouth open almost all the time...but I don't think he keeps it like that because he can't close it,because sometimes he closes it,like when I feed him.But also the food is sometimes "escaping"from his mouth because of that.Any ideea what is that or what can I do?
  3. I finished the prazi rounds.In the last day of prazi,he refused to eat the medicated gel food,I don;t know why. The fish is the same,he changed his colour ,he is now half orange& half black,he's very cute,too bad he is staying only at the bottom on one side I removed almost half of the gravel,and I continue to do it until it's gone.He doesn't have any issues like red fins ,I do wc's at 2-3 days of 50% to keep the water as clean as possible.He eats ,but most of the time I need to feed him from my hand because he struggles a lot to eat it from the bottom,and sometimes he doesn't eat because of that and the food remains there. His belly on the side which he is staying,is quite flat because of his position I will soon post a new video.
  4. I understand the suggestion,I will make wc of 30% from the water at 2 days,before them I will remove about 3-4 cups of gravel. I just removed 3 cups of it and did a 30% wc after,and my water is cloudy.I hope it's ok considering I take out a small amount of the gravel&soil and after that I do wc. My fish is more active,I don't know what's the reason but he doesn't sit all day at the bottom as before,he struggles to swim for about a couple of minutes in an hour and succeeds,I will post a new video with him maybe tomorow. The red-ish fin looks the same,not worse or better,do you think adding salt would be a good thing to prevent infections until I completely remove the gravel?
  5. My poor fish seems to have only problems ... Today I noticed that his "tail fin" has some parts white-ish,and seems a little"choped" Do you think it's fin rot?It looks a lot like this http://www.jbl.de/images/container/w200/50157.jpg
  6. He lately stays on that fin a lot,most of the time he even stays on it folded Here is the video.... I will try to do wc at 2 days and remove 1-2 cups of the gravel,because it's a lot of it...If I take out only once a week one cup,it will last forever.Also I don't want to decycle again....I struggled with that for the last month
  7. Today was his third day of the second cycle with prazi&metro gel food,from tomorow i will feed him with normal food for 4 days. I wasn't home today,and now when I arrived I noticed that one of his front fins,from the side on which he leans,it's very dark-red coloured,especially at the base.I did a 30% water change(I did a 60%water change Wednesday also).I removed one cup of the gravel at the water change as you said. It's because of his rubbing on the gravel or it's something else? :(I don't have a photo but it looks very simmilar with this fish's fin from the back ,the very red one.http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w139/wonton_fish/Picture061.jpg My nitrite value is 0.025 since yesterday...maybe within a week it will dissapear.
  8. Ok thanks for the tip. Another think is that he sometimes doesn't seem to breathe,I mean he doesn't move his gills or his mouth.What this means? I have some snails in the tank,normal ones,I found one of them on the fish yesterday ,I think because he is bottom sitting ,in the snail's way , they can harm him?Do you think I should take them out from the tank?
  9. :( And what posible reasons are for that disease?He should be ok in rest?Does this minimize his hope of life? Should I feed him only with gel foods (maybe they help him)?If yes,are there any recipes especially for SBD? I will finish the prazi treatment anyway...because I've never done it. I don't think I can remove the gravel because I have under it a lot of "sand",I don't know how it's called in english,it's that type of sand specially for plants,because in the past I had plants in the tank,and if I remove it my water will become really dirty and there are also chances to decycle again I think.
  10. Here is the video with him eating.As you can see,he becomes suddenly active when he feels the food,and after he takes a part of it in his mouth,he stays for about 1 minute lethargic,after that he becomes active again and searches for food,and so on until he finishes the food.
  11. Here is a video with him from today.I tried to catch how better I could his black spots.I think he's going black again because they really look like his normal colour of the scales,and he has some portions of black on his "tail" too.Tomorow I'm starting the second cycle of 3 days of prazi&metro gel food. I will post another video with him in about an hour,when I will feed him with some green beans,that you can see how different he acts when I gave him food,he became suddenly more active.
  12. Hello again, So...I've fed him for 3 days with the medicated gel food,he eats it , tomorow is his third day on normal food.I will do 4 cycles of this as you said ,but he looks nothing better.. He also has some black spots on his side of the belly on which he lays ,for about 2 weeks already,sometimes they are smaller,sometimes they are biger.What is this,some kind of injury because the fact that he is rubbing on the gravel from the bottom?Or maybe he is going black again(when I bought him ,he was completely black)?
  13. So...Today was his first day of this medicated food...I noticed that all day he didn't pooped ,I searched through the tank but no poop.
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