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  1. Thanks! I love your sig! haha I had plans to move him as soon as I was free of the hospital, but I got home and noticed he's not scared of the goldfish or vice versa, there's no harrasing, biting, hurting, etc. going on, so I might not even worry about it. I'm not worried about the water temp because, TBH, the 5s aren't any warmer[meaning those heaters *HAVE* finally failed after 4 years] and those bettas are fine. As long as he gets along with everyone, I don't think there will be an issue. With that said, my goldies are growing and with the eventual size, IDW them eating/hurting him. xD
  2. Thanks everyone! cmclien, It's actually not that hard keeping the bettas[they all have 4-5 gallons], to be honest. For the longest time, I had this 20, 3 divided 10s, 5.5, 5fbh, 5 hex, 20gEH[not filled past like say 10 gallons tho because of how it was cracked], a 2.5gal, & 3 1gals to keep up with. Obviously, that's GONE and I don't miss it. xD Orandafan, my electrical bill is ~$400/mth. lol FUN!! xD
  3. Haha, very familiar with multiple tank syndrome[have 8 tanks] and that bettas really shouldn't be in with goldies, but haven't quite had the option to debate without setting up like a 1gal right now which makes less sense then putting him in a cycled, planted, filtered 20 gallon tank. I was actually thinking about adopting my copper SD, Pigeon, my purple/red Cambodian VT, Mutation and Thor, my blue/pink/orange dalmatian VT out[i'd still have 9 bettas total including the FM in the 55gal]. That would let me move my yellow/black/blue/purple VT, kV[kiloVolt] into the 4 gallon section of the 20gL that Pigeon had and put Radiation in the 5galFBH and finally get a much awaited dwarf puffer for my 5.5gal. Fang, thanks for telling me about those heaters! The 5s REALLY could use new ones. xD
  4. I'm such a bad kid. xD I went about my stalk-shopping[my friend & parents CONFLICT like crazy about spending money so we hide from each other while we're shopping. xD ] in WM to get him today after debating it for a little while: Meet Radiation[i'm extremely interested in everything power, just lack the ability to do any of it as a career for lots of reasons]! Since I didn't have an open dedicated betta tank, I decided instead of putting him in a 1gal right away[i don't like incredibly small tanks ... my smallest running tank is a 5gal[tho there's 3 of those]], I'd "risk" putting him in with Tsubaki and Predator[who you can see in the second pic], my goldies.
  5. Haha, definitely keeps me busy! xD Here's another photo dump of new pics. xD
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like them! Maintenance can be a bit daunting but I just knock out the big ones and then do the rest of the water changes and am done before I realize it. It works out. As for the 55gal, I LOVE how it looks, but it's given me so much trouble over time I'm not opposed to ditching it eventually. For the time being, tho. Everything is stable so atleast there's that and the current fish are happy. Ever since the addition of the canister filter, too .... it looks AMAZING. When I upgrade my goldies, I'm probably gonna get them one. [that also goes with the idea that my 20gH would be complete to set up again for another sp. of fish]
  7. I'm about to throw this laptop. It deleted an hours worth of typing. Oh well, my life is reduced to being worthless anyways so atleast I know what I wanna say now so this should go fast as long as it's not gonna be a *yells at and throws*. Anyways, haha ... Here's all MY tanks: 55gal planted FW community I often contemplate shattering cuz it annoys me SO bad -- 2x 54W[108W] T5HO light/Penguin 350B & SunSun HW-303A filters/200W heater/airpump & bubble disk 20gL divided betta tank[nothing special except the fish. designed to be colorful] -- 15W T8 light/AquaTech 5-15 filter/100W heater: 20gH planted coldwater community -- 15W T8 light/2x AquaTech 5-15 filters/airpump & airwand: 15galNano-Reef -- 4x 24W[96W] T5HO light/AquaClear 30 filter/powerhead/100W heater: 10gal planted FW community -- 2x 15W CF light/AquaTech 5-15/50W heater: 5.5gal divided betta tank -- 20W CF light/Whisper 10i -- but I don't have a pic of the tank yet cuz it's not remotely complete.] 5galFBH betta tank -- 10W CF light/Whisper 3i 5galhex betta tank -- 10W CF light/Eclipse hex5 filter: Later. I'll re-compile stocking list. Sleep for now. xD xD God, I'm so pissed at my computer and chrome which is REALLY becoming bad like firefox did. Here's a near complete video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCPal_curlU A lot has been moved around to just ... fit the over all flow of the room. There's also a 20gL, 10gal, & 2 1s in storage.
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