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  1. I agree with everyone that is one very neat and beautiful pond and you have very happy fishes! Do you feed those water lily with fert spike? How do you take care of water lily? Mine never blooms at all even if they are exposed to full sun.
  2. That is very cool! This could be a good project for me.
  3. This pic was taken last February, but he is all black when I bought him and his brother on Oct. 2012. He is about 6inches long. Thank you for the comment.
  4. I love the fish and the cat too.
  5. I'm sorry I suppose to put this on goldfish photos.
  6. his latest pics almost 80% orange now
  7. Beautiful ranchu! The calico has rare red circle spot on its head?
  8. Some more pics update. Hope you'll like them. Will upload pics of my giant red oranda later.
  9. Fish update! My goldfishes have grown.
  10. Nice Idea! I'll take his picture to record the changes.
  11. His brother is Mr. Hyde but I lost him from dropsy. My only casualty since I join Kokos.
  12. ^^ditto Yes I agree! I just keep them healthy! ACME delivery coming your way!
  13. Haha give in to the obsession bro, the sooner the better! For the meantime enjoy goldfish-keeping! We want updates!
  14. Now I know and just hope for the best.
  15. I just want color variety in my tank. Guess, there's nothing really I can do then if its genetic. Thank you guys for the info.
  16. Nooooo! Not another orange oranda! And Im going to be really upset if the black moor becomes orange too.
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