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    1 goldfish,1 betta,1 pleco,3 bloodfin tetras,3 albino cory cats,2 ghost shrimp
  1. Lol thats wat my best friend said smegypsiren!
  2. Thanks for all your sympathy sorry i took so much time to reply my computer iz down so i am posting from the phone u guyz should read my next post on which pet stores i like for bettas and betta products should be posted in acouple of hours
  3. we did threaten them with a lawyer then they atempted to sue for lying then the husband went to jail for something icr what 4 but wife was innocent but the kids still suck
  4. they are like 27 and they dont like my frogs either but their kids killed my betta last year they gave him a piece of cheese burger & the oils in it clogged his gills, the little frog who was in my betta tanks skin was sucked off by the filter cuzneighbors put a bigger one in.my neighbors suck
  5. dracoluna


    never mind me just being stupid forgot my friend has freshwater angel fish
  6. are those angel fish & goldfish?
  7. dracoluna


    are angel fish fresh water?
  8. gah i am FREAKING out right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz plz plz tell me this does anybody here know that oreos can kill goldfish yesterday my neighbors dumped a whole pack of them into my goldfish/koi pond and now all of them are dead . my dad was so mad i swaer he al most did this
  9. ugh i hate when people put stuff in ponds my 8 year old neibors killed all the fish in my pond with.wait for it ............................................OREOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate them so much right meow, oh yeah good luck wif da frogs
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