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  1. Anyone have experience (or ideas) on how to fold out moss balls into a moss carpet? Supposedly this is possible, please tell me if I've been mislead. I have a 45 US gallon tank, with two or three handfulls of river rocks, a PVC pipe, and 3 marimo moss balls on the bottom, no gravel or sand. The moss balls irritate me sometimes because I can't consistently make them stay centered in the bend of the pipe (or anywhere else), and I'd prefer to spread them out to cover the top of the PVC pipe and/or some of the river rocks. -How do you spread out moss balls without breaking them into little pieces, is there a simple way? -Would they even grow onto a smooth surface like river rocks, glass, or PVC? -If so, how do I keep the future moss carpet from floating away during WCs until they become firmly established?
  2. My three lionheads are now each about 2 1/2" (6.35 cm) long (including their tails). I got them in mid-July (and immediately began the salt/Prazi-Pro regimen you all recommend). Since that time, they've each gotten much rounder, brighter, and about 1/2" longer. They act very happy and appear to be doing really well. They have absolutely no thickening or lumpiness on their heads yet (neither do their tankmates that are still at the LFS, while orandas their size often do have at least the beginnings of wens). I'm feeding them each 4-5 small New Life Spectrum Goldfish pellets twice a day (except for one feeding a week where I substitute pellets for 2 blood worms each) and fasting them on the day of their weekly 66%+ water change. Edit: They're in a 45 US gallon tank, with (HOB) 10x filtration and an airstone. -At what size do lionheads' wens begin to grow? -For those of you here who have lionheads and/or ranchus, how big were yours when their heads began getting all lumpy and extra-adorable? -Is what I'm feeding them good for wen development? I know it's bad for goldfish's wens to start when they're too young, as they continue to grow throughout their lives; I'm asking because I read somewhere that a certain nutrient is needed for wen growth and I don't remember what that nutrient was.
  3. Hey, see if you can take water samples from your aunt's tank! I'm morbidly curious to see how bad the measurable water quality gets in a 20 gallon with 2 goldfish that only gets monthly waterchanges. The moor will be a lot better off with you, eyes or not.
  4. Your pearlscale! Gah! So gorgeously healthy and cuddly looking!
  5. Dang, I love your pearlscale. Especially the death-roll picture. I wish I could hug him/her. Crowned pearlscales are my favorite; can't understand how anyone can dislike their appealing fatness and especially derpy expressions.
  6. Man, that sucks. I'm sorry. Maybe she'll recover nicely and you can still get her eventually, minus a few special scales. :/ I really, really, REALLY wanted crowned pearlscales. My local independent fish store (that specializes in marine fish) was the only LFS that could get them, so the owner was ordering some for me. A few days before they came in, I visited and saw a ryukin with an advanced case of ich (not being treated), with the other goldfish, in the tank that the pearlscales were going to be put in. I can't stand to take the risk of falling in love with goldfish that have a better-than-average chance of dying awful deaths on me. So I got the three lionheads I have today at a Petsmart and have never patronized that independent fish store again. The owner doesn't deserve my business if he's not going to treat his goldfish as well as he treats his dog-faced puffers and other expensive fish. (I hope the pearlscales got good homes and didn't all die of ich. ) TL;DR: I love that little pearlscale you nearly got. I wanted to enjoy her vicariously through Koko's. Eh, better luck next time.
  7. Good point. That's why i avoid it....as they are not used to that kind of contact, they don't seem to like it when it happens. Does it make a difference if you leave your hand limp and let the goldies swim through it? That's what I'll do sometimes, cuz I know about the slime coat thing. They've never had issues though. I'm actually glad cuz this is the first summer that the tank got in the 90s [again] and they never got ich. That's pretty much what I do: let them "pet" themselves using my hand. Surely I'm not damaging their slime coat if they control the pressure? I've seen them bump into each other with far more force than how I touch them. If it's really bad for them regardless, I don't know how I'd avoid touching Chutney. When I clean the tank, she's constantly brushing against my hand and trying to rest on it.
  8. Because I hand-feed my three goldfish, they all enjoying coming up to my hand and nibbling it. The biggest one, Chutney, enjoys being touched lightly on the head and back, squirming between my fingers, and resting in my upturned hand. Who knew a fish could be at all cuddly?
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