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  1. Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the great advice. It's all so helpful. And you guys are polite about it! Before I got into the whole aquarium and goldfish thing I researched as much as possible so I could do this the right way. During research I discovered there are some rude people out there who reply to innocent questions coming from new fish keepers like me. I have seen some good stuff on here so I was hoping I wouldn't run into any of those inconsiderate posters. You guys are definitely very understanding and seem to remember that at some point you were in my shoes: learning. I have actually been thinking lately that there's no way I am so amazing that I have all my ammonia and nitrates and nitrites in check. I haven't been doing this THAT long. So I'll go get that test kit cause maybe mine is crap! I thought maybe mine weren't working properly so I actually tested it out on my mom's guppy tank and it showed that all her water was waaaay past danger levels (how the guppies are still alive I don't know). So I thought "hey! I must be fantastic and know what I'm doing" haha But I'm beginning to go back to my original thinking that my test kit is crap I'll get this eventually. Thanks shakaho for summarizing. Very helpful. And again, thanks to all of you! If you have any other advice that you think would be useful for a new goldfish lover then by all means, send them my way
  2. Good point lol I'm using the cartridges. And off the top of my head I don't remember what the brand of the test kit is (at work, can't check). I'm new to keeping fish and of course I pick the fish that produces the most waste haha I'm all ears for suggestions or recommendations though! Anything that makes my fish healthier and happier.
  3. Yeah I'm starting to see a bigger tank in the future. Oh man. Just thinking about it is a little nerve-racking but exciting at the same time
  4. Well, the filter I just got is still on sale. Why oh why did I pick such an expensive hobby/obsession? I must be crazy. We've all asked ourselves this at least once! The Marineland that I got (the 350), as I stated before, is up to 75 gallons and has two cartridges and two bio wheels. Do you think buying a second one that is one size down (the 200) would be okay or should I just go big or go home and get a second 350?
  5. Well, the filter I just got is still on sale. Why oh why did I pick such an expensive hobby/obsession? I must be crazy. I actually have a second tank. It's only 5 gallons though. I can't exactly put a goldfish in that haha I think it would hate me if I did. I'm running out of room! There's only soo much space for aquariums!
  6. I actually just upgraded my filter to the Marinland 350. I had two small Aqueon filters and they were doing okay. But not great. The Marineland 350 happened to be on sale and I heard a lot of great reviews and I also have a Marinland 5 gal hex and I liked the bio-wheel so I figured I'd try it out with the goldies. So far, so good. As for the restuarant, I felt so bad for the fish. A few of them didn't have eyes and their fins looked like some of the others were either hungry or getting aggressive. It didn't look like fin rot.
  7. Both bits of advice are kind of what I figured but I thought it would be best to actually ask people who know what they're talking about On another somewhat related sidenote: there is this one restuarant that I go to that has, I kid you not, 20 goldfish in a 50 gallon tank. And most of them look to be full grown. They're all fat fancies. How are they doing this?!?! The fish can't be happy. Or healthy for that matter. That's only slightly bigger than my tank and I doubt they do weekly water changes, so how can the fish "survive" so MAJORLY overstocked?
  8. I tried to find a related topic that's already been posted so I don't repeat what's already been said but I can't seem to find exact information. I'm also new to forums and got a little overwhelmed I have a 44 gal hexagon tank. It isn't the typical tall hexagon tank. It's quite long with a good amount of surface area. I have a Marinland Penguin Bio-wheel 350 filter. It says it's for tanks up to 75 gallons so I figured for goldfish this was a very good thing. I've had this tank set up and cycled for about 9 months. It currently has 3 fancies in it following the 1st fancy 20 gal and for every extra fancy 10 gal more rule. I do about 30-40% weekly water changes. When I test the water nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are always 0. I have completely fallen in love with goldfish particularly the fancy ones. I have a black moor, calico telescope, and a red and white oranda. They are very happy. With my love and somewhat obsession I have found that I have a desire to get more. With the filtration system that I have, the surface area for gas exchange, and water changes, am I able to get more? Obviously I don't mean getting 10 more. Maybe just 1 so I have an even number? I think I may have acquired an unhealthy obsession.....oops Sorry if this is waaaay too much information. I just wanted to make sure there was enough to get proper answers.
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