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  1. I'm aware, and I know that means it could be hit or miss. It does work on costia which is what the first few I got had. I checked at work today, no prazi. We do have Melafix which I saw on another site but I dont think that would do any good(?) Unfortunately there're only 2 LPS in my area, the other is a fish store but they sell more fish and not a lot of supplies for actually keeping them.
  2. I know my water is good, and they were like that when I netted them at the store, so I don't think it's environmental. The lifeguard is supposed to treat parasites, and I'm not sure where I could find Prazi locally, if I had it shipped they'd probably be dead by the time it got here. oh dilemmas.
  3. Thanks. It was hard getting a decent pic of him cause he begs like he hasn't been fed for months. Glad you guys think he looks good too.
  4. Thats a platy. She's in there to help show them the food and she's the permanent resident of the QT tank. You dont think the clamped fins could be from bacterial/fungal infection? I'd like to see them all live but I've learned not to hold my breath with fish from the store.
  5. Thanks. Since I scooped him out of a feeder tank I doubt he'll meet those standards. I'm sure if he survives he'll be a good looking fish anyway.
  6. So is shubunkin a breed or just a variety of comet/common? I've read they tend to be smaller than commons and comets and stay more streamline where commons tend to get bulky.
  7. Just thought I'd share a pic of Brom, my biggest goldie. I've had him since May, when I got him he was maybe 1/2 inch, now he's close to 4 inches, I can't wait to see him reach his full potential.
  8. I work at a big chain pet store and noticed that the newest shipment of small feeder goldfish had a lot of very young 1/4" fish. Since Baloo and Casper didn't make it I decided to buy 3 of the little guys. I am hoping at least one survives. The healthiest of the 3 has a long caudal fin and appears to be calico. They're in QT being medicated with Lifeguard(any other suggestions, two have flashed, one isn't extending his dorsal fin and the other is clamped but active?)<- maybe thats another topic. So here's the possible shubunkin. The other two I think it's too early to determine if they're commons or comets.
  9. I work at one of the big chain pet stores so I get to see the feeders that come in. The majority of them are commons, and most of them die before being sold. I've told our aquatics specialist several times that the tank is infected with costia and ich but because they are feeders nobody cares. I rescued a defomed common a couple weeks ago, really didn't expect him to make it, he survived a round of meds, ate like a champ, got a nice healthy glow and vibrant colors. Then I found him dead tonight. I've also got one who's been with me for 5 months and is pushing 5 inches. RIP little Baloo
  10. You could probably use acrylic paint without any issue. Acrylic is cheap and it's easily removed with water.
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