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  1. I have been wondering for a while... how long after I throw food in the tank does the food just dissolve away? I can see when I put some foods into the tank, a dusting comes off of them right away. So today I thought I would do an experiment, which although not perfectly controlled, should give me a good idea. In the following post you will see a picture of the foods and how I am testing them. I put about the same amount of tank water, which is at room temperature (68), into glasses, and then put a piece of food into it. For the very small fry food, I put in 3 pieces because I could barely see the one. So now I wait and check on it every once in a while. In case anyone was wondering why I did this... it is because I think I tend to throw way too much food into the tank, once a day. I want to see if that food sits around for the fish to munch on all day, or if it simply dissolves, and turns into waste, ammonia I believe, that I really dont want. Stay tuned.
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