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  1. Update: After 5 weeks my nitrates have gone back up to 40, so it looks like I'll be replacing it once a month.
  2. Would 3 cories and 5 platies be too much bioload for a 12 gallon?
  3. So I think I'm going to go with platys. I found this gorgeous picture on google and I can't resist. I'm thinking maybe 5? I'm not sure what to do about some kind of clean-up crew for the bottom. My favorite is Kuhli loaches, but I would feel guilty keeping them on such a rough substrate. Would shrimp work?
  4. Those are awesome. I feel like we need a thread of tacky tanks. Or a contest or something. See who can make the tackiest tank, lol.
  5. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions everyone! ^.^ First off: I absolutely love dwarf puffers, I think they're adorable and I've always wanted one, but I'm afraid they may be a bit too high maintenance for me. My understanding is that they require frozen or live foods exclusively, correct? Would they eat something like Repashy's Meat Pie? I'd love to hear anyone's experiences with keeping them. I'm also liking the guppy idea. I was thinking about livebearers in general because of my water. I guess I should give you guys some more info: It's a 12 gallon flat-back hex, like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Advance-Aqua-Tanks-Uniquarium-Flat-Back-Aquariums/dp/B005VEX1BK I've had it for roughly a thousand years. No live plants for this tank. It's already decorated and it's tacky as hell. Pink rocks, fake purple plants, bubbly diver with treasure chest, the whole 9 yards. I've been dying to do a tacky tank. I have super-hard water. pH is 8.2, GH and KH are high, too lazy to test right now, but my water is like liquid rock. So I'm somewhat nervous about doing any kind of tetras, sometimes they don't do so well in my water. I've had some success with green fires and glolights, but I've never been able to keep neons or cardinals alive for more than a week or two. Which really bums me out because I think cardinal tetras are some of the most gorgeous fish on the planet.
  6. So I have a 12-gallon acrylic tank that has been sitting empty in my bedroom for some time. I am thinking about starting it up again, but I can't figure out a good plan on what to stock it with. I'd love to hear some suggestions!
  7. I just looked on their website but there's no information whatsoever on how it works. It says it's both mechanical and chemical filtration, so there must be something in it that sucks up the nitrates. I read a lot of the reviews on Amazon before deciding to get it. There were some negative reviews, a few people saying it did nothing at all, and at least one person who said it caused problems in their tank so they took it out. But the vast majority of the reviews were positive, including people who were using it on their reef tanks. To keep a reef tank you basically need to keep your nitrates at zero or you are in for a world of hurt, so to see those people endorsing it made me feel good about giving it a try. If something is safe for corals, that's proof enough for me that it's safe for my goldfish. It doesn't say how often to change it. I figure I'll just keep testing my nitrates and if I see them creeping back up again I'll know it's time to change it. I will keep this thread updated as time goes on and let you guys know how the tank does with it.
  8. This thing is amazing. My nitrates were always in the 40-80 range (I can't tell the difference between those two colors on the chart to save my life, can anyone tell them apart??) before my weekly 80% water change. I've had a lot of problems recently with floaty fish and just other general health issues, and figured my high nitrates might have something to do with it. So I started looking online for products to reduce nitrates. Everything from $300 nitrate filters to $150 reactor setups, to this product: http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Blue-Professional-ADB41005-Nitrate/dp/B004HSUO20/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 It's a big blue filter pad, and I was skeptical that it would actually do anything, despite all the positive reviews. But I figured I should try it before I started spending $100's on fancy reactor systems. I cut it so that it fits in my AC 500, and conveniently enough it now takes up the exact same space as the sponge that comes with the filter, so that was a plus. I tested my nitrates before I did my water change and added this thing, and they were at their usual 40-80 ppm. I'm on week three now, just tested my water before my water change, and my nitrates are at 5 ppm. Five. :| And I wouldn't be surprised if they're at zero when I test it next week. This is the best thing that has ever happened to my tank, I can't recommend it enough. GO BUY ONE RIGHT NOW.
  9. Thank you! You know what's funny is she was mostly red/orange when I got her. Then about 8 months ago she started losing the orange very suddenly. I would say she turned completely white in less than three weeks. I think she's even cuter now. This is what she used to look like:
  10. I got tired of not having anything in the tank, so I put some fake plants in there. Sorry if the quality is bad, it looks amazing on my phone but not so amazing on youtube. : /
  11. I'm due to treat my 135 gallon with Prazi. But I was wondering if instead of doing the water change on day 5, day 12, etc., can I just add carbon to the filter instead, to remove the Prazi? I live in southern CA and we are in an extreme drought situation and I don't want to use any more water than I absolutely have to.
  12. I'm apparently very late to this party, I was extremely dismayed to find out that Metro Meds will no longer be available. I have a fish right now that had absolutely zero improvement with powdered Metro and Triple Sulpha in the water, and began to improve immediately when I started feeding him the Metro Meds. Does anyone have a recipe for a medicated gel food?
  13. T Glad he is accepting the Metro Meds and improving. Can you post a summary of all of the meds used for this treament and the duration for each? So far: Triple Sulfa - every day for 8 days (I have 2 packets left) Powdered Metro - every other day for 4 days. I discontinued the powdered Metro when I started him on the Metro Meds food. Metro Meds - 4 days Epsom salt - 8 days
  14. Just wanted to give an update, I started him on Metro Meds on Saturday night (11/22), and he has improved a lot since then. He's not upside-down anymore and he can swim around normally. He is still pineconed but it is slowly getting better. I'm going to finish off the 10-day course of triple-sulfa, and I still have him at 1/2 tsp of epsom.
  15. There's been no improvement. His dropsy has gotten more pronounced, and he just lays upside-down on the bottom of the tank.
  16. Ok thank you. I do have the option of taking him to the vet and getting a gel-type food with Metro (or whatever other antibiotic he thinks is appropriate) in it. The vet makes it up himself. Would you guys recommend this?
  17. About to do his water change. I am very stressed out about the temperature, none of my heaters seem to be working properly and his tank got down to 71 last night (from a high of 75 when I went to bed). I ordered a new Jager heater but I won't have it until tomorrow. What should I be feeding him? Also why is the Metro Meds food not the recommended treatment for this case? It has always worked for me before with dropsy.
  18. Okay, dropsy is a symptom of kidney failure and may indicate that both the bloating and the swimbladder problems are due to a bacterial infection. If so, the antibiotics and the Epsom salt are the best course of treatment. Please increase the Epsom salt to 1/2 Teaspoon per 10 gallons. It will take several days before we know whether or not the antibiotics are working. Try to follow the schedule I posted above to the best of your ability. Did he eat the bloodworms? Yes he was very excited about the bloodworms, lol. I've had fish with dropsy before, this is the mildest case of it I've seen. I will give you an update tomorrow, thanks for your help!
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