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  1. Ha! My friend said Kiki too! I guess we will go with Kiki
  2. Thanks everyone! I've had them 2 years and wasn't planning for a 3rd, but I couldn't resist a little calico
  3. What's a good girls name? The boys are Tango and Cash. I'd hoped for another boy, but I think it's a she
  4. I've finally moved little calico girl to the main tank. Surprisingly the boys have hardly noticed. No chasing, no fin nipping. I'm so happy!! I don't know when she will be old enough that they will see her as a potential mate, but for now all is well her swimming along side Cash.
  5. Ok I just don't want anyone to get hurt. They are 5 inches without tail and she's 1to 1.5 inches. I'll keep an eye and check back in if there's any kind of catastrophe
  6. So my little calico is about an inch and a half. She finishes up quarantine this week. Do I just add her to the main tank? Or do most people grow them bigger before mixing with larger fish?
  7. I tried water lettuce when I ordered online. It melted and they ate the roots ;(
  8. What do you recommend for fast growing? I have extra pots for root feeders. The fish are so bad though I can barely keep java fern they shred everything
  9. Thanks, ill look for a timer! How do you take the intake off on the fluval? I'm really good at servicing the aqua clear, but am still intimidated by the canister :/
  10. Well, sadly I think he is a she. The more I look at the vent its definitely an 'outie' and does not look like my boys. Should I return her? Or see how it goes after she's moved to the main tank? Perhaps she's too young to have any breeding issues yet
  11. I just love your tank and your goldies! My Cash has finally finished his change and he and Hashi could be twinkies
  12. Yes, I bought a BN for my tank at work. It's spotless. I'm just paranoid after horror stories of plecos attacking goldies. I guess I could scoop her out and bring her home for the weekend Lol. My hubby is gonna bring the adapter to shop for our new faucet. It was leaking anyway, so we will find a way to make it work
  13. That makes me feel a little better. Hopefully I'll get it under control and I can post a pristine tank too
  14. Also I've been thinking about adding sand. Would that help? Or will they just uproot all the plants that way too?
  15. Thanks, Justin. I also just ordered a python as I'm still hauling buckets. Sadly, we are going to have to buy a new faucet as it doesn't match up with the adapter. Then I'm sure doing 80-90 a week will be a breeze
  16. My syphon won't pick up the Eco complete. Do I just leave it? Not that it matters. They are so naughty
  17. I run the lights from 8:30 am til close to 10 pm. That may be part of it. I've started leaving them off til I get home at 5:30 and turn them off before bed. I'm changing about 50% once per week and 80-90% once per month. I service my filters every other week
  18. So I upgraded to a 55 back in December. We added a fluval 206 to the AC 70. I've spent a small fortune on new plants, a glass top, new LED strip lighting and bubble wand. There is brown algae EVERYWHERE!! I've scrubbed with my scrubby brush, I bought a magnet for the glass. It's all over my plants and my filter intakes. On top if that I have a bare bottom and planted some plants in pots. My fish have pulled most of the substrate out and spit it all over the tank. I'm just frustrated and all the tanks on here are so pretty. How do you do it?!!
  19. That's so cool! I'd love to test mine as well.
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