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  1. Ha! My friend said Kiki too! I guess we will go with Kiki
  2. Thanks everyone! I've had them 2 years and wasn't planning for a 3rd, but I couldn't resist a little calico
  3. What's a good girls name? The boys are Tango and Cash. I'd hoped for another boy, but I think it's a she
  4. I've finally moved little calico girl to the main tank. Surprisingly the boys have hardly noticed. No chasing, no fin nipping. I'm so happy!! I don't know when she will be old enough that they will see her as a potential mate, but for now all is well her swimming along side Cash.
  5. Ok I just don't want anyone to get hurt. They are 5 inches without tail and she's 1to 1.5 inches. I'll keep an eye and check back in if there's any kind of catastrophe
  6. So my little calico is about an inch and a half. She finishes up quarantine this week. Do I just add her to the main tank? Or do most people grow them bigger before mixing with larger fish?
  7. Aw I'm sorry. I know you tried, and I bet Ruby did too
  8. I tried water lettuce when I ordered online. It melted and they ate the roots ;(
  9. What do you recommend for fast growing? I have extra pots for root feeders. The fish are so bad though I can barely keep java fern they shred everything
  10. What a lovely fish she was. RIP Teddy. Please don't be too hard on yourself, I'm sure you're a wonderful fish mom
  11. Thanks, ill look for a timer! How do you take the intake off on the fluval? I'm really good at servicing the aqua clear, but am still intimidated by the canister :/
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