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  1. hmmmmmmm ... a couple of kois? now THAT sounds like a plan! .. and then in a couple of years there will be some big goldfish. and some huuuge koi monsters swimming around .. could be more than great!
  2. thanks for the pictures ... mmm - a perfect pondfish! beautiful! (wish i could get something like that here...) feed them well!
  3. Niiiice! Beautifuly done! Congratulations and lots of peaceful enjonment (and, by gods, show me (okok - us) some better pictures of Pepper and Pumpkin - they look so colourful, but oh so blurry ... I know you probably have shown them here numerous times,but still
  4. Haha ... I know how you feel (well, I think everybody here does ... Just remember - if they can read mind, they can also most probably put thoughts into our mind (so i suggest locking the room. Or going for a one day vacation) ... (luckily for me, mine are in pond and I fast them on the weekend. But whole monday I just want to quit the job and go feed them...) May the force be with you!
  5. Well, i have bought lilies, that were supposedly good for that kind of depth ... But, true, they maybe don't have enough fertilizer. Although they only mad, i don't know, maybe 10 leaves alltogether - so that shouldn't drain all of their nutrients? .. well - wait for next spring ... (but what kind of fertilizer tablets to use? anykind?) .... but/and - hahaha - about your handyness ... you almost got me believing you there? but, remember, i saw the photos of your work - sooooo ... you not being handy?? i don't think so! but, we have the same diy skill it seems - too dumb (and too enthusiastic) to realize we actually can't do something, so we start onit anyway ... (the problem with me is i have a terrible temper issues when it comes to something can't do, or do it poorly ... so when first nail gets twisted, the hammers begin to fly, and timber follows them, the walls of the house get demolished ... and it stays that way, until the rust eats away that hammer lying in the middle of the backyard, getting rid of all the evidence of my inabilities (and anger) .. then i start again. and oooof goes another hammer .... (and that is strange, as i am so peaceful and kind and soothing to other peoples "mistakes") ehwell...
  6. Simply beautiful. And i love the mixture of large and small fish (you should really work on stunting the growth on some of the small ones ..and, again, your water looks so colourful - so nicely blue/green - veryvery nice (so - do you still practice pond jumping?
  7. Thanks for the goodluck - it seems i'll need it ... So far -knockonwood- luck has mostly been with me (and most gravel problem only theoretical (hope they stay that way) I was thinking of a bog filter like that aswell, if this existing experimental filter wouldnt work. So probably that will also be a next year project. I think it could quite easily be integrated in the existing "design" and - even more plants to hide that awful fence At first I only wanted to go with large 4cm and bigger river gravel - but then I thought that plants wouldnt grow through that kind of gravel - so i put a finer gravel around the plants.. ehwell.. (why do you think that the lily is having problems because of the depth? (i am thinking it maybe doesnt have enough nutritions. (or that its gravel is to big WAU - beautiful filter and pond work you have there! (i remember already looking at it before i signed up to kokos and remember thinking, well -exactly that- WAU! ... I wish I were that handy (so - how much for flying you over to do my filter? I promise i will stay out of the way So winter will be for thinking and planing aswell ... I already hate that the autumn is coming and I wont be able to feed them ... Thanks again for your insight and help!! Thank you! I love sarasas aswell - but are kindda hard to get here (maybe will be easyer in springtime), and the one that i got disappeared and a calico fantail that i got together with sarasa also. (i like to think that they eloped and got married secretly and are now travelling the world..)
  8. oooh shiny! ... and just imagine how shiny he'll be when he's 1m long (i am thinking sunglasses shiny 8)
  9. Really shakaho? Auch ... Does that happen often? Or is it more in the "it can in some crazy circumstances" happen category? I never thought of that - thinking, hey, its rock, fish know they are not suppose to swallow that... ... I was mainly afraid of the birch seeds (well, not the seeds exactly, I don't kow what they are - they are like threesided stars with sharp points) that are constantly falling in the pond from neighbours birch and they love taking that in the mouth (and spiting it out as its inedible) ... EH! So i'll have to tend this gravel problem fast... whew - it seems nothing good ever comes from gravel! (i wish i would have gone with pillow padded "insane asylum" pond) Thanks shakaho for the warning!
  10. Cutie! Whats wrong with the tilty chu name? (but, by gods, what a slow (and painful) unboxing! i wanted to fly over and just tear the wrapping off .. some real zen discipline of opening is shown there, i could never master that
  11. Thanks for sharing DieselPlower! I love to get some thought from real experience (not just some copy-paste from someone that somewhere once wrote (or probably copypasted from somewhere else)) .... I am strongly inclining to clean up the bottom in the spring (although i dont know how long it will stay rock-free .. my goldies love sucking on smaller gravel, playing with it and throwing it around. But never clean up after the playtime is over - i think i'll have discipline them more!
  12. a real cute beauty! i love the metallic scales! cant wait to see it grow
  13. now these are some lucky little fishes! but i have a hunch that they wont be little for long (i'd love to fastforward a couple of years and see what has become of them. though i would be veryvery tempted to throw a couple of ryukins in there for a good measure
  14. very nice. beautiful sarasas. and so lively! hmmm - thats the same pond that was still empty yesterday? or have i mixed something up (again)
  15. hey shakaho! thank you for your concern! and, though its not popular - i like to hear the negative thoughts. i was (ok - still am) a bit worried about the gravel at the bottom. thats why only half of bottom is covered - i still haven't decided if i want to go "clean bottomed" or gravelled. I heard/read lots of negative things about that kind of bottom. (of course, after a couple of showels were already in... but jut the other day i saw a video of a pond that has been running for 6 years with gravel in the shelves, and everything looked ok (and the gravel wasnt even that dirty) .. but ... i'll see next year... as for the underwater-flower-bed ... now you got me concerned about that aswell ... i thought that if it has plants in it that the (ammonia? and other nasty deadly stuff) wouldnt be a problem. hmmmm.... dont know, dont know .... do you think it helps in anyway that the bin is not "waterproof" - its same as the "filter" made of cca 5cm slats with cca 1cm gaps .. (but, of course, water is not actively pushed through it ... hmhmhmmm . yup. NOW i am worried about that aswell (have to start keeping a list of all the things to worry - otherwise i might forget and stop worrying thanks again for the "headsup"!
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