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  1. We've been discussing a glass bottom tank with a few river rocks and some plants. I just watched him suck up 5 rocks and spit it out. He is the only fish that does that out of all our fish, of course he is the biggest fish. The thing though is that we want our tanks to look natural as possible. We've been looking into aquascaping and such. But I think he is leaning more towards the glass bottom tank. What do you think?
  2. Thank you all for helping... it just scared us. He is doing much better now. Thanks again.
  3. We just watched him spit out a black rock. I'm guessing he sucked it up when he grabbed the chunk of gel food. Poor Wasabi...
  4. Our large oranda swallowed a huge piece of gel fish food and its stuck in its mouth. It's been a couple minutes and its still not swallowed. PLEASE HELP!!
  5. Your fish babies are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. What made you choose a glass bottom look??
  6. I love it when our big Oranda "Wasabi" comes up to the top of the tank whenever we open the lid and starts nibbling, he sticks his whole head up out of the water. You stick your fingers in and he nibbles, No matter what he tries to get out of the tank to get to us. If we clean the tank, he nibbles our arms and anything he can get to. Its hysterical and we love him for it. <3
  7. I know that the last time i was at petsmart thay did have banzai tree decorations. Thay had 2 different kinds.
  8. Thank you SOOOO much!! We greatly appreciate it!
  9. Well we soak the food before we feed them, and always under the water. We dont just sprinkle it on top. We've thought about doing the gel food and making it ourselves, however we came across documents stating the gel isnt good for the fish either. As for the Repashy. Can you please provide the link to where you order the Repashy fishfood? We found repashy gecko links but not for fish.
  10. API Food There is the link I found, its the exact food we use. Now as for feeding schedule... We only feed once or twice a day, and usually skip one day a week. The amount of the food is very little just a tiny pinch of flakes under the water... we also feed them the Emerald Entree . The emerald entree we fed Pie (the fish that passed away), it really helped him. He did not have buoyancy issues when we fed him the emerald entree. Its nots the case with Nico. And what did you mean by filter components... we have a Tetra Filter, a FS2040. That is the only link I found that had our filter... we got the filter at PetSmart.
  11. Hello.... We are trying to find out tips and advice on buoyancy in fish. One of our goldfish (fancy fantail...aka. "Nico") Suffers from buoyancy after feeding… he will float to the top or lay on his side, or struggle to stay down under the water....Come morning we will be fine. (Just like the other fish we had)… We already lost one fish to this issue and we are doing everything we can to prevent it from happening again. Our last beloved fish we had for almost a year before he died of this issue. Currently we are using a breeding net cage in the tank to seperate him while we feed the other fish in the tank. We haven't fed him in three days to clear his stomach. Today we started using this new food “API, which specializes in good digestion”. If anyone else has used this, please reply and let us know what your opinion is of that food brand. Also anyone else who has gone through this buoyancy issue in fish, please reply and let us know what your thoughts are. Thank you…
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