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  1. amazing! he seems almost back to normal and is eating again since last night!! a few battle scars which will heal, but swimming around happily with 1 dose of prazi for 2 days & .1% salt added last night (seemed to perk him up within 15 minutes??). i think we can take this out of 911 now mods. it must have been flukes?? what a horrible experience!! a HUGE thankyou to all that have helped us here!! i'm sooo happy right now :)
  2. update : jaffa is still bottom sitting a bit but moving around the tank without prompting in a calm manner. a little bit of headstanding action which is new but is mostly maintaining his balance. salt is at .1%. prazi 36 hours.
  3. sooo much chemistry to it all! it's very interesting, if not a little confusing at the moment! prime is on its way, i'm starting to accumulate more products than the crappy pet shop down the road! to a certain degree i guess it's finding what works best for your fish & set up...
  4. just wondering if people have formulated a better treatment regime with prazi than the one recommended on the bottle(aquamaster fluke & tapeworm tablets 100mg). recommended dose is once then do 25% water change & clean filter medium. redose is 7 days later. i've picked up on a few people adjusting the dosage rate for more effective removal of the pest & would like to hear what worked for people & what didn't. also am confused as when to return activated carbon to the filter. it says to remove for the duration of the treatment but not when to put it back in!! would the "duration" include the 7 days between doses? cheers for your input!
  5. he seems a little better today?! still bottom sitting a fair bit but is upright, not on his side. moving around the tank steadily, still a little disoriented but much better movement than yesterday. no darting or air gulping so far today. not eating even when i drop the food right next to him. water params all normal so i think i won't change any water today & just leave him alone. i am hopeful!! nancy is following him around wherever he swims, she misses her buddy!
  6. syringe? i can get one from work should i check water params again tomorrow? should i do another waterchange or add salt to .1% or will this just stress him more? he does move ok when made to but i'm concerned because he hasn't eaten in days he will be getting weaker....
  7. i'm not sure how i will get him to eat them but im willing to try anything! and i can get some digital scales tomorrow. he's pretty small! thankyou
  8. i'm not sure if it's just an aussie thing?? apparently the water here in melbourne is very soft, almost pure water & these need to be added to increase hardness... http://www.aquaticsupplies.com.au/aqua-master-soft-water-conditioner-4kg.html even sydney water is different to ours here.
  9. also, still too disoriented to eat so no poop to analyse unfortunately
  10. i dosed with prazi about 10 hours ago. he was bottom sitting for a day before the medication was given... his fins are starting to look a bit ragged too now. not sure if it's from flailing around the tank or something else.... currently no change. still sitting on the bottom of the tank or laying on his side... still a strong reaction to being touched (see video) so i'm hoping this is promising?? plenty of oxygen in the water, clean water, prazi. i have also added blue conditioning salts as recommended by the aquarium i went to (1tsp per 10 litres). as the water here in melbourne is "soft" it apparently helps to make it better for goldfish & adds beneficial minerals. i am really at a loss & willing to take whatever advice informed people can suggest atm... sorry for poor camera work & video quality
  11. why do aquariums so highly recommend the use of the blue conditioning salts? i know they contain beneficial minerals etc. but isn't the "salt" part the same as the chunky white aquarium salt crystals & therefore not really necessary in everyday water? i know minerals are important & can't figure out how to add them to the water another way... also, when salting a tank that is already using the blue salts, do you have to take into consideration the amount of blue salts in the water when calculating how much to add to bring the tank to .1%, .2% etc. for medicinal treatment of the fish? thanks!
  12. he is mainly bottom sitting or laying on his side. when i touch him tho he takes off with a lot of energy & seems to swim ok for a minute, then drifts back to the bottom. i've dosed the water with prazi, i can't think of anything else to do right now. went to a reputable aquarium & they didn't think it sounded bacterial so have not tried antibiotics yet... definitely not eating still
  13. have been getting great help here from other members, just not sure what to do now?? http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/102051-strange-behaviour-after-salt-treatment/ api test kit arrived this morning.... ammonia & nitrite are at zero. nitrate is showing up as a bright yellow, so not sure if that is zero or on its way to 5.0ppm?? ph is hard to read. looks like 7.0 on the aquamaster kit i have. api gives a pale blue result which i can't determine what it matches best on the chart, maybe 7.2?? jaffa is just bottom sitting now, not moving much at all. what should i do next? could it be bacterial infection?? sorry to bring this to 911, i need to know what to get from the shop asap. thanks!
  14. it's hard to watch him swimming like this, he's also missing a few scales i've noticed. not sure if it was from where the white patches were or he's done it with crazy swimming all over the place. really starting to worry now
  15. ok i got out as much water as i could, about 80% & replaced with fresh dechlorinated water with no other additives. no stresszyme or salt. i've added another video of jaffas strange behaviour after i returned them to the tank... weird lunging & swimming into the corner. i've never seen him go on top of the filters spray arm like that before either (i moved it down so he wont get himself stuck up there again) and another short clip of the erratic water breaking behaviour which he has done so violently that he's hitting the glass cover on top of the aquarium an inch above the waterline... nancy is eating fine, jaffa still seems confused/not interested. i've just covered the tank with a towel to try & calm him.
  16. thankyou so much for your help!! i went to the local to get my water tested... that's half an hour of my life i'll never get back! the guy was fumbling around in boxes for random bits & trying to match things from the same kit. he didn't have the colour chart for the kit he was using so had to ring another store (pets warehouse). if the results are anything to go by the ammonia test turned the water a very pale yellow, which is usually zero isn't it? according to the other store on the phone if the ammonia is zero then nitrite & nitrate are also zero. not sure if that's correct?? i've ordered some prime off ebay & hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. in the meantime should i do the 100% waterchange tonight or just the 60% daily til my test kit arrives? once i know the water parameters are perfect & behaviour still doesn't improve within a few days then i guess we are looking at something other than stress.... i REALLY appreciate all your patience & advice here! the little ones are part of the family, especially jaffa as he was #1 & it bothers me to see them unhappy & unwell. stakos, thanks for the offer of supplies, and coffee! hopefully i can get myself set up properly by the end of the week. i need a strong coffee right now, gotta go to work when i'd rather be fixing my babies
  17. do you think it might be flukes? can i treat for flukes with a snail in the tank or will it hurt him? not questioning your expertise on the heating but 26 degrees seems very warm for goldfish!! i have a heater in there atm which is near the filter & an airstone... its set on 20 tho, which reads as 19 on the thermo on the front of the tank... it used to get very cold in there overnight, like 12 -14 & around 18 once the house heater was on & it warmed up inside. i thought they would be happier at a consistent 19-20 so put the heater in about a week ago...
  18. i can get prime on ebay from new south wales. it should be here by the end of the week . the soonest i could get to richmond would be wednesday. i don;t mind travelling there, it's not that far really. i'll go get the water tested now. i'll do the water change after work, i've totally ran out of time today! thanks for your help ! it would be handy to know your stockist in richmond too thanks
  19. i seem to be having trouble locating prime in my area... i've rang 6 places & no-one has it!! one aquarium said they used to stock it but stopped as they found tanks using prime alway contained traces of ammonia & recommended just a regular dechlorinater on top of what good bacterai is in your tank will take care of ammonia 100%... i'm taking some water to the local now & will get them to have a look at what's going on... and the tap water here is 7.0 ph btw, sorry i forgot to answer that one!
  20. thanks for your help peoples! i have uploaded a video sorry about the poor picture quality, i had to use my mobile phone to do it! jaffa is not displaying the frantic behaviuor so far today, just listless, a little disoriented. his balance seems to have improved some & he's moving around the tank a little more. i've tried feeding them. nancys appetite is fine, jaffa still seems to have trouble picking up the pellets & he spat the ones he did pick up back out again. i don't think he's eaten more than 1 pellet in 2+ days now?? he is normally so greedy & energetic, so something is definitely not right. his fins seem a little paler than usual? they've always been black, that's how he was when i i bought him.im on a search for some prime now at local fish shops... hopefully i can get some & do the water change before i have to go to work... the salt is at about 1 tsp per 9-10 litres, i didn't add any for the last water change yesterday so there would be approx. 5 tsp in 56 litres of water.
  21. edit* he's swimming around a little, fossicking in the sand a bit. i tried to give him pellets but he seemed to have trouble picking them up? actually got one in his mouth then spat it out again.... not as wobbly looking any more, hope he's better again tomorrow... east side, box hill area
  22. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level * Nitrite Level * Nitrate level * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.0 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? aquamaster drops * Water temperature? 20 degrees celcius * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running?15 gal, 4 months * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)?marine master crystal clear aquarium filter 380. 100 litres per hour. * How often do you ch approx.ange the water and how much?usually once a week, about 30% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? today, 25% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 2, 1 1/2 - 2 inch each. 1 x common, 1 x fantail * What kind of water additives or conditioners? aquarium salt, 1 tsp per 10 litres approx. during water changes, dechlorinator, stresszyme * What do you feed your fish and how often?daily, nutrafin max small sinking pellets * Any new fish added to the tank? fantail 2 months ago * Any medications added to the tank? * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.) * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. melafix/pimafix 5 days, aquarium salt ongoing * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus?white patches on commons sides, 1 on one side, 3 smaller on the other & 1 on bottom of tail fin, all but tail fin have gone now * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.?common is bottom sitting, darting to waters surface, not eating, seems unbalanced. fantail seems a little unbalanced also. I apologise for the missing water parameters, i am waiting on a test kit. which will hopefully arrive in 2 days. i am also aware i will soon need a bigger tank for my babies & am looking at a 3 or 4 foot one for my birthday! apologies also for the very long post, i thought as much detail as possible would be helpful. I originally got my common as a "starter" fish for my new tank. this was recommended to me by an actual aquarium, not some ill-informed pet shop or the like. i know this is frowned upon here but i did not know any better, i was not aware of such a thing as fishless cycling at the time & would have used this method had i been aware of it rather than stress the fish. i was assured the "comet" (i have now learned he is a common, not a comet) is a hardy fish & will do ok in a cycling tank. indeed jaffa survived well & was joined by a fantail, nancy, a couple of months ago. gary the apple snail followed soon after. before she arrived i noticed jaffa displaying strange behaviour which i now know is called "flashing". he would go to one particular corner of the tank & do loop the loops at the wbottom, hitting the fine gravel i use in the tank about 3 or 4 times. i thought he was going mad from being lonely & didn't think it was a problem. he did it rarely, maybe once every week or two. a couple of weeks ago i noticed jaffa developed a small white patch on his side, like cotton wool. a couple of smaller ones appeared on the other side & one on the bottom fin of his tail. his behaviour had not changed & he was perky & eating well as always. thinking this was fungus i tried melafix & pimafix to no avail. (had to remove gary as he reacted alarmingly whenever i dosed the tank!) i removed jaffa to a smaller isolation tank (15litres) i put in some plastic plants from his home & some gravel & rocks, hoping to bring in some good bacteria to the new tank & new filter while i tried to treat his problem. i tried fungus cure first for 2 days(acriflavine/malachite green) then switched to multi cure (methylene blue/acriflavine/malachite green) for another 3 days, careful not to overdose i changed 50% water in between. he was still eating fine at this stage. about now i found kokos goldfish forum & started reading up about the benefits of salt as a cure. jaffa seemed miserable in his green water (homesick??) so i put him in a bowl of dechlorinated water while i changed his tank water 100%. did not change the filter media & left plants gravel etc in. very slight change to the white patches on him at this stage. i added the first amount of dissolved salt (3 1/2 tsp for 3.6 gal) & returned jaffa to the tank. he handled it well & was swimming normally, altho had little interest in food at this point he was still perky. next day & all but the white spot on his tail had gone!! i was so happy!! he even ate one pellet of food. i added the second dose of salt to an aerated section of the tank away from the fish & this is where he went a bit funny. within minutes he started swimming at the top of the water only with his head sticking out. i've never seen him do this before. he continued to do this for about half an hour & i panicked, i siphoned half of the water out of the tank & replaced with fresh dechlorinated, bringing the salt level back down to where he was happy earlier. he was still acting strangely, swimming at the top & swimming into the corner like he had no sense of direction. i noticed at this stage i had mismatched the water temp by about 3 degees celcius & he was suddenly in warmer water. i removed him to a clean bucket of water of the correct temp & used an ice pack in a plastic bag to bring his tank down 3 degrees before putting him back in. i felt absolutely awful, knowing i had caused him so much stress in such a short time!! i covered the tank to make it dark hoping it would settle him. i checked an hour later & he was still wobbling around the top of the tank. another hour again & he seemed to be resting on the bottom of the tank. when he tried to swim he seemed disoriented still, bumping into things, tilting side to side a bit as he swam. upon returning from work i saw his condition had not changed much. as there was only the small spot left on his tail left to heal i decided to return him to his home tank for comforts sake. i thought i noticed nancy swimming a little bit tilted also but i may be a bit oversensitive at the moment & she was just swimming normally for a fantail! she seemed to be lurking in one area of the tank a lot but still came out for food. i thought she was missing jaffa. when i put him back in she swam straight to him. upon return to his bigger tank jaffa kind of sat above the gravel & swam around only a little bit. he's had one manic episode of racing to the top of the water a few times almost like he wanted to leap out & swimming into the corner. he's definitely not acting normally & is very subdued right now. basically i'm not sure if i have stressed him out with the salt or done something else wrong to harm him?? could this be flukes even? i am aware that the uncycled hospital tank may have not been ideal but i tried my best to make it as beneficial & clean as possible for him while he was treated. i am hoping he will return to normal in a day or two but am worried that i may have missed something & he wont get better, even after the white patches have now gone.
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