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  1. i've just upgraded to a 55 so was lucky to have my old 15 still set up for a qt. put in a heap of plastic plants for them to hide in but they've spent most of their time happily fossicking in the gravel. probably came from breeding tanks without it, certainly none in the tanks i bought them out of so it's a bit of a novelty to them i think! the 15 will probably end up with guppies in it once these guys are in the 55, i'm now fully stocked for goldfish.... until i get another tank.....
  2. here is a short vid of my new babies.... dr.frekyll the calico ryukin, who is about 1 1/2 inches & my tiny black moor, as yet unnamed, who is about an inch long & can be quite difficult to find in the tank. sooo cute!!! currently in quarantine http://s1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee517/strangedays101/?action=view&current=03102012027.mp4
  3. goldylove


    has anyone made a water changer from scratch? i haven't come across one for sale here in australia & an aqueon off ebay is gonna cost me $95 including postage!! i think i could make one...??
  4. thankyou for all your comments! the fishies seem to be enjoying having 4 times the space they used to have! i like the fine sandy gravel because it doesn't seem to show algae! it made the water a bit cloudy for a couple of days even after being rinsed for 10 minutes under running water. once its vacuumed a few times i should get most of the fine particles out. i added some pebbles to it in my other tank & they ended up looking really mucky with algae but this type of gravel always looked nice. a couple of the new driftwood pieces were giving me grief & not sinking after 3 days soaking so i siliconed one to a small piece of slate to weigh it down & the other is being held down with the rocks! things may get rearranged when i clean in a week. i like having the plants portable on wood or rock... i'd like some crypts but not sure about rooting into the substrate (i like to rearrange things!) & although i like the little terracotta pots i'm not sure if it will suit my natural look tank. i like watching the fish fossicking around in the sand looking for food, they always swim off spitting out sand as they go & i have no fear it will get stuck in their mouths!
  5. have got my new 55 gal up & running & the little ones are loving it! have got java ferns, anubias & java moss, hopefully all the hard to kill plants so they have a chance to get started. new lighting to come, maybe some different air stones. tried a flexible bubble wall but found it frustrating. air line in general is very annoying!
  6. i bought a cheap canister filter recently & 2 days later cut my losses & bought an eheim 2217! the cheapie works well, it's just that the impeller vibrates on & off & it annoys me! depends on where your filter is. in a cabinet you may not notice it as much. mines on the floor on bare floorboards. eheim should arrive tomorrow thankfully! no fish in tank atm, just settling the gravel so i turn the rattling filter off at night. it suddenly went up $12 in price so i'm glad i didn't pay the new price for it! http://www.ebay.com....984.m1439.l2649 i've read a lot of reviews online & some with people here having success with cheaper canisters eg: sunsun brand. i also read that the uv globes on the cheaper brands can be difficult to find replacements for? good luck
  7. wow, i just read this whole thread & i was thinking how great you did in nursing her back to health... sorry for your loss. she was beautiful & you chose a lovely place to bury her
  8. thanks all for your input... i'll be starting to set up the 55 this week once filters arrive. so excited!!
  9. not sure what im gonna plant yet... something that's hard to kill! lol. i'd something tall as a backgrond plant. my java ferns have survived the last few weeks without incident. maybe some crypts? the lfs guy said they were fairly hardy plants. i like those ones that have long thin stems & look like lilypads that sit on top of the water but i'll be having 2 spray arms off the filters & it may be too turbulent up there for them. dunno where to get them anyway... i'll have another look at lfs & see what they have, i just dont wanna look like a total dumbass when i go in to buy stuff! i guess a lot of it is try & learn from your mistakes. at least losing a plant is nowhere near as upsetting as losing a fish... or a snail after having it only a week. (still dunno what happened there?)
  10. oh that's good to know... there would just be a few sections i'm hoping to plant directly into the gravel so i can vacuum the rest easily & move rocks, driftwood etc to clean under. i was really curious how those heavily planted tanks got cleaned... such a noob
  11. probably (another!) silly question, but if you have plants that are rooted into the substrate how do you clean the gravel?? do you vacuum around the plants & just leave the parts where the plants have taken root? do the plants remove any harmful bacteria that may develop in uncleaned areas of substrate? i know you can put them into pots etc. but i would prefer to have them without. i just don't quite understand how it all works! i have some java ferns on driftwood & would like to get some anubias, perhaps on rocks & also some plants not directly attached to anything once i understand a bit more about it all.... thanks!
  12. i've used the finest gravel the lfs had in my 15 gal mixed with another bag of mixed coloured natural pebbles for looks. not quite sand, not quite gravel! i wanted to use something a bit larger for my new 55 but am afraid of the fish getting it stuck in their mouths. with the finest gravel/coarse sand they can sift through it for food & easily spit out the grains they pick up. it's also easy to vacuum through with the siphon.
  13. i am considering a canister filter for my new tank & was wondering what other experiences people have had with them... do they work well? are they easy to clean? has anyone had one spring a leak & drain their tank?? are the outlets on the higher powered models too strong for the fish & does it push them around the tank? for now its not ideal for me to get a super big sized one to do all the filtering (it wont fit under the tank stand & i dont really want it on the floor next to the tank as an ugly ornament unless it's really, really worth it!) so i was looking at getting a smaller 1200 litre an hour canister (which will fit under the tank) along with another 1200 litre an hour internal filter with a spray arm which brings me up pretty close to 10x filtration. i would be happy to get a 2200 litre an hour canister filter if they work well & the outlet wasn't too powerful & upsetting for the fish. i currently use an internal filter with spray arm on my 15 gal & am happy with the design. hang ons wont really fit anywhere on the tank as its in a corner of the room & cant be brought out from the wall much more to accomodate a hang on as it will interfere with the walkway. i won't be investing in a big brand name filter just yet... my goldies are still only 2 inches each & once in the new tank will have sooo much room it will be funny to watch them! once they get bigger & i trial all filter types i think i can make a decision on a big name filter then. also, anyone use the canisters with built in UV filtration? is this really necessary or more of a gimmick? i've read the globes can be difficult to find replacements for so would it be a good idea to avoid ones with built in UV? thanks for reading & any input!
  14. ahhh ok. i've found some thanks!
  15. probably a stupid question! i understand the concept of clipping fresh food together for easy removal after a certain time but is there a specific kind of clip designed for you to use or are there several household options that are acceptable (eg: bulldog clip, peg etc)? cheers!
  16. my common was laying on its side on the bottom of the tank for 2 days while he was being treated with prazi. when he tried to swim he just flailed around aimlessly crashing into everything. on the 3rd day i expected him to be dead & found him swimming around the tank almost normally! a few days later he had a lot of black on him as he healed from all the bumps & scrapes the crazy swimming caused. it's awful to watch them struggle but rest assured you are doing everything in your power to help & have excellent advice from the other members here.
  17. oh i was just wondering about this as my common has been chasing my fantail & nudging at it fairly persistantly lately. it's not biting, just headbutting under the tail. not even sure of the sexes as of yet but the one i've called "him" all along is the one doing the chasing. they may just be playing but i was curious if different breeds were able to have eggs together.
  18. ok, i've gotten myself a couple of java ferns & rearranged things a little...i do like the real plants a lot more, i was just a little intimidated by them! http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee517/strangedays101/06092012378.jpg
  19. wow, thanks for all the comments! i'd love to try some real plants & was thinking of some anubias & java moss on the driftwood, although i've read that java moss can take over if you aren't careful! i really love the moss on driftwood so it looks a bit like a bonsai (see picture). i currently have a 15 gal (2 ft) & i'm looking to upgrade to a 50 (3 ft) or 58 gal (4 ft). stakos, thankyou for the offer, i'm looking at a basic 3 or 4 ft tank on a pine stand. if your guy in richmond can beat amazing amazon in glen waverly on price i'll check it out! 3' x 14" x 20" = $129 , 4' x 14" x 20" = $149 http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee517/strangedays101/aquascaping_ideas_smallTank8_Photo1.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee517/strangedays101/timthumb.png
  20. this is the current set up for my babies with natural driftwood & plastic plants. i am very keen to upsize & will do so very soon. i like the sandy gravel for them to forage in. you can just see gary the snails yellow shell behind the front piece of wood! always having issues with the airlines, thay look so ugly & are difficult to keep hidden under gravel. perhaps a bubble wall in the next one to reduce ingoing lines?
  21. thanks for the tips people! especially with filtration & using the old filter in the new tank combined with the new filter. i was going to use the old tank for tetras & guppies but it wont hurt to drain it out, clean it & start it up again 2 weeks later with the old filter again. currently i have a 15 gal. looking to upgrade to a 50 or 58 gal. i know the starter tank is small but like a lot of people, i came into this fairly uneducated & have since learnt better! my goldies are only small at the moment, less than 2 inches but are getting bigger, especially my fantail who has absolutely no problem competing for food with the common! i want them to have more room & perhaps get another 2 once the new tank has cycled. cant decide between a ryukin, black moor & yellow comet! decisions, decisions!! but that's a little way off yet... looking forward to a smooth transition for my babies & will put up some pics once we are up & running!
  22. i'm planning on upgrading my goldfish to either a 3 or 4 ft tank very soon. it will have new filter & gravel. i will use some of the plastic plants from the old tank & some of the old filter media will go into the new filter. are there any rules to how long the new tank will take to cycle when adding established filter media etc. or is each tank different? will adding water from the old tank be beneficial in helping the new tank to cycle? i wanted to add my goldies to the new tank straight away if possible (matching ph & temp of course). do i need to test the water params daily & what would be the main indication of the need for a water change (ammonia??)? when all the levels are steady/good for a few days would this indicate my new tank has successfully cycled? sorry for so many questions, im sure its all been asked before
  23. i noticed when i had my common , jaffa, in the hospital tank the fantail, nancy, seemed to sulk in one area of the main tank, not exploring like normal. her appetite was still normal. for a while i thought she was sick too...? when i returned jaffa to the main tank for comfort & he got even sicker nancy would sit near him where he lay on the bottom & follow him wherever he managed to move himself to. when he got better & started swimming around normally she would race frantically to keep up with him, obviously so happy he was moving around again! wherever one is the other is not far away... i think goldfish bond with each other. if you have only 2 it would be more obvious when they are separated & they would pine for each others company... i'm wondering if, like birds, a mirror will help to amuse fish, thinking there is another fish nearby & perhaps comfort them if they are missing their tank buddy? best wishes for tui!! XXX
  24. things appear normal again, apart from a few missing scales & a little fin damage! eating well & swimming without a problem. will continue with prazi as indicated here http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/102137-questions-about-prazi-dosage-rate-success/page__fromsearch__1 just to make sure things are dealt with properly. i'm leaving salt at .1% tho. it frightened me that everything seemed to go haywire when i brought the salt to .2% in the hospital tank. i realise there were probably other contributing factors but he seems happy & healthy as is so i think i'll leave the salt alone for now... very pleased overall. my little guy is back! thankyou all immensely for your support & input. i hope one day to return the favour when i am more knowledable in the world of fishy friends! :goldfish: :goldfish:
  25. thanks kayla. i'm still checking water params daily to make sure there's no extra stress placed on him while recovering... he's a tough little critter it seems
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