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  1. Thanks! I am going to put him into a pond when he is a little bigger, I will definitely put up some pictures!
  2. Hello everyone, I recently got a new Wakin goldfish, (feeder tank rescue) and he seems really healthy except that he has a tendency to, as I refer to it, "flounder;" by which I mean he leans slightly to one side when he swims. There is no side in particular that is the problem, but when he swims he always leans to one side; usually it is the direction away from the back wall of the tank. He doesn't seem to have any trouble with his swim bladder (he can move up and down without using his fins), and he has no fin tears that might unbalance him. Could this be a parasite problem? I really don't know much about parasites, but seeing as he is from a feeder tank, it seems possible. -The ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels are 0. -The pH is 7.5 The problem has gone away over the past week (I did a 30% water change on Monday and Friday), but I would like to diagnose it if possible, so that if it happens again I know what is happening. If anyone has any ideas at all, I would really appreciate it if you shared them; I am drawing a blank on this. Thanks, -Cyprinidae
  3. Hi everyone, I just joined the forum today, and I have a question about my new goldfish. He is a wakin, probably about a year old. I bought him from a pet store as a feeder fish, I suppose he was put in there by mistake. Anyways, he is about an inch long (tail not included) and his fins are long for his body if he is a standard wakin. I thought that he might be a watonia, or perhaps he just has long caudal fins. He probably wasn't bred very carefully because his caudal fins are joined at the top (and he got into a feeder tank), so he could just be some in between variety. Could it be because he is very young, and his body will grow more that his fins later? Here are some pics: What do you think? Thanks, -Cyprinidae
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