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  1. New light for my tank! The old one burned our right before the holidays
  2. And when I took it out of the water it could stand up, can sword plants do that?
  3. Thanks you all! I really hope it isn't a peace lily! Fortunately, I have a potted peace lily as well, so I can compare them, but it is difficult to tell if they are the different plants or if the one in my tank is just a lot younger (it has lighter, thiner leaves, etc.). Here's a picture of the roots if that helps: Thanks!
  4. Oh no, is it really?! I was honestly hoping you wouldn't say that! Could it work for a tank that was only half-full? Maybe I could add it to my betta tank...
  5. My fish had the exact same symptoms, and after Prazi treatment and salt he was 100% better! I hope your fish gets well soon! Good luck
  6. Aww thanks guys!! I am in love with him <3 I'll tell my friend what you all said! Gotta take more fish pics
  7. 60cm! D: I better get a pear of shears! Im happy with how it looks at least
  8. Are these any more useful?: Could it be an Amazon Sword? Thanks for the replies!
  9. Hi guys! I just purchased a plant being sold as an "umbrella plant" at petco. However, (not at all unusually) what was in the package was not an umbrella plant. Can anyone halp me id this thing: Hopefully it is aquatic and not a terrestrial plant, because I have been there as well Thanks! -Cyprinidae
  10. My friend left for college this year and he gave me his adorable oranda goldfish, Dimple! So far he is getting along with my other fish swimmingly He seems very happy and active and his wen is growing
  11. Thanks for all of the help! They are getting along wonderfully
  12. ok! thanks! i guess that if they don't work out together I can give him to someone else. There was another person with a 30 gallon willing to take him if I cant. I really hope it works out though! he is super cute! Thanks for the feedback
  13. Hi all! I have a friend who is going off to college, and he was wondering if I would like to have his oranda goldfish! Naturally, I really want to take him, but I am not entirely certain that he will be compatible with my fish. I am getting a 40 gal tank, and I will put in it my fish (a streamline/fancy cross) and hopefully his fish. So, Would a large Oranda be compatible with a small mixed-breed fish? My little guy is not a streamlined type of goldie exactly, but he isn't quite a fancy either... Would this work out? Usually my fish isn't very fast, but if he got bigger would the oranda have trouble competing for food? The oranda is 3 inches and my fish is about 2 Thanks! -Cyprinidae
  14. Hi everyone! For the past year I have been designing a pond, and now that Spring is finally here I am almost ready to start digging! Before I grab my shovel, there is one last really important step of my plan that I need to nail down. What filter/pump should I use? The pond is roughly 1800 gallons, and I need something cheap but good quality. I have seen loads of relatively cheap pumps online, but I really don't want to invest in something that is going to leak all over the place the week after I instal it. Any suggestions? Thanks, -Cyprinidae
  15. From what I have read in breeding guides, etc., the double vs. single tail trait is dependent upon more than just dominate/recessive genes. The tails types can be influenced by environmental conditions during spawning (cooler conditions lead to single tail, and warmer to double tail). The gene for a double tail is incompletely penetrant dominate-- so in other words, the "amount" of a double-tail can vary depending upon the individual's genes. I hope this is somewhat helpful :3 The guide is here (twin-tail mutation is on page 160) Good luck raising the fry I would love to see some pictures of them as they mature
  16. I think that "he" is probably a "she" XD Big fish are sooo adorable! Some people want dogs because they are big and cuddly and cute, but just get a fish! (ok, well, maybe they're not too cuddly!) Anyhow, great video! Thanks for sharing
  17. That's a gorgeous pond! I love the fish
  18. Wow! Those fish are huge! Never mind the pond...
  19. Wow! mine are really small compared to that! My gravel bed is only an inch, I should probably vac it more often
  20. Thank you both SOOO much!!! I haven't been feeding my fish as much as usual since he started behaving strangely, so they are probably in the gravel. It is quite a relief to know that they are harmless
  21. Hi everyone, Today I went to clean my tank, and found some large worms in my gravel while I was vaccuming. They are white, and about 3mm in length. I have never noticed them before, are they harmful? I have been trying to cycle my tank for six months now. I have tried just about everything. There are rocks form an established aquarium dangling by the filter pad, and recently green algae has been growing. Once the algae started my fish began hiding from the light under decorations. I was hoping he was just adjusting to the changes, but he is still acting strangely. Could it be from the worms? I don't see any on my fish. Would Prazi help? Here are some pictures of the worms: If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks, -Cyprinidae
  22. For the past six months, my family has been redoing our house... It started out with all three bathrooms being redone, and now apparently the kitchen needs to be refurnished, and the second floor needs to be repainted! This is being a pain as far as maintaining my tank goes. (The tank has been cycling for 90 days now, and there are still no nitrates.) Then... my parents decided to move all of the painting stuff into my room (with my tank!) and have me live in the attic Now... I wake up, go into my room and find that my plant's leaves are getting increasingly pale by the day (could it just be decreasing temp? It is an anubias plant, and the temp is getting down to 68ish on cold days). Today (two days after arival)... I wake up, go into my room, and find a dead bee floating in the water! The water is looking kind of greenish (there is no green algae in my tank) all day, and I am really worried about my fish! I have been doing large water changes every day or two (to help with the ammonia) and hopefully this is doing something to help with the painting/varnishing in the room next door. I really hope the green water is only because of the dead bee... I don't want to move my tank because the painters should be gone by Wednesday, and I don't want to stress my fish/disturb the developing cycle any more than is necessary. I read online that covering the tank and air pump in plastic wrap helps. I think I should I turn off the air pump altogether. Any ideas?
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