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  1. lol thanks! You would know
  2. Thanks!! The light is an 18" florescent strip (Aqueon) and the substrate is plain black sand. I haven't added any plant food, but the fish and frog poop probably help it along haha thanks! they are getting pretty old lol First plants I ever bought ^^ oh my gosh, yeah. I'm always finding little green leaves on all my shirts haha
  3. Thanks! ^^ its my best planted setup so far!
  4. Hey guys! I was just taking pics of my ten gal and I thought I'd share The plant growth is coming along nicely. The tank houses my flagfish and dwarf frogs, and they love it in there! All of the inhabitants are all getting fat off of algae. I have two 12 year old amazon swords (They were part of my very first tank ^^), duckweed, and various other green things.
  5. Thank you both! At first I thought it was fin rot, but the edges are slowly growing back and the color is still spreading-- so maybe its just a coincidence everything is all happening at once. I will keep up with the frequent water changes he isn't on any medications/salt at the moment. Thanks
  6. thank you! I appreciate the vibes he seems pretty happy, so I'm hoping for the best! lol this forum is great because i just posted this and got a response, and on the aquarium forum it took a month for anyone to reply haha
  7. Hey guys! well, this has not been my season for fish... My betta, Chanarong, has been suffering from some fin damage this past month. In the middle of March, holes and tears started appearing on his tail. I couldn't see any grayish edge around the fins, but they looked pretty mangled. The tears looked as though they had been worn through rather than being torn from biting, etc., but the edges were fairly clean. It's difficult to describe, but it seemed like his tail fin was getting thinner. He was living in a 5.5 gallon tank that was cycled (w/ heater and filter), but when I checked the water after his tail started looking bad, I found that my cycle has crashed The ammonia was at about 0.5. I moved him to a 3 gal bucket with a heater and have been changing his water every three days. For the first week I tried treating with salt, and then the next week I tried Melafix. His fins look slightly better now than they were last month, but there hasn't been much regrowth... ...and this week he has started rapidly changing color. The change began on his fins, and is spreading onto his body. It looks as if only the blue pigment is fading and the red is staying there. I am concerned that this is related to his fin problems Could it be a late color change? The tip of his tail is red, as always-- its just that his blue is turning into purple. He's eating normally and isn't showing signs of distress... might this be bacterial? any ideas? Thank you! Here's how he was right before I moved him to the bucket: And here he is this morning (all of this color change has occurred in the last 9 days):
  8. Thanks,what would that entail do you know? I'm not sure I could bring myself to do a dissection, but if I just need to describe him that would be fine It would involve a dissection and examination of the internal organs. It is not an easy thing to do (I won't do it most of the time), so I completely understand. yeah, I guess Ill think about it and PM Helen if I feel like I can do it Thanks for the help! In the meantime, I am starting the tank from scratch (bleached EVERYTHING) and hopefully the cycle wont take too long. Since there aren't any other fish in the tank that could be at risk of infection, I think ill give the dissection a pass, since its too late anyways.
  9. Thanks, what would that entail do you know? I'm not sure I could bring myself to do a dissection, but if I just need to describe him that would be fine
  10. Couldn't change title but i made this post http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/116501-mycrobacterial-infection-necropsy-photos/ thanks
  11. Previous thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/116313-spontaneous-deaths/page-2 So here is the pic:
  12. sorry it has been a while, but I have a pic of the second fish that died and there are some mysterious red areas that weren't there when I last saw him before he passed away (when he seemed fine). I read that sometimes mycrobacterial infections leave lesions-- could that be what these are? I can post the pic here if no one minds dead goldfish pictures :'( Thanks -C
  13. I think if the gravel is painted and not natural, I would just get new ones. thanks. If i just let it dry for, like, 4 months would that work do you think? or would that be risky?
  14. Im sorry to hear that! I hope your fishy gets better soon At least the others don't have it
  15. thanks for all the hugs, guys now both of the snails are dead and one of the plants looks almost dead-- could it be the same thing that affected the fish/snails? Maybe the plant is just a coincidence... anyways, I'm going to start out fresh
  16. Im sorry you lost so many fish :'( That sounds a lot like what happened to my little guys. If you wouldn't mind linking me that site I would love to read it! Thank you
  17. One is a parasite, and the other a bacterium. You will see different presentations of inflammation etc in the organs. Cyprinidae, sorry for your loss. Were both fish bought at the same time, or from the same store? I have had the same experience with goldies and tropicals. Alex: Would a treatment of salt during QT help with killing off these parasites, viruses and bacteria? I believe salt should at least kill off free floating fresh water viruses and bacteria? Thanks I got the fish at different times and from different stores They had both been really healthy since I put them into the 30 gal this summer
  18. Thank you all <3 Would I be able to get anywhere with a microscope? Im guessing not, but I have one if that would help. I guess I'll disinfect the tank if thats safest. Thanks
  19. Hi all, Two weeks ago, my beloved goldfish Dimple passed away. He did not seem at all sick, and the water in the tank had no ammonia or nitrate, and about 10ppm nitrate. He shared a 30 gal with my other little fish, Finny. I did a 90% water change after he died and treated with prazi. This morning I walked into my room and found that Finny had died. Honestly, I am quite beside myself. Neither fish showed any signs of stress before passing away. I fed Finny last night and he was eager to eat his food. Both fish were quite young-- I've had Finny for just over a year, and Dimple since July. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened? Please help! There are no other fish in the tank, just two snails, but I really want to know why my fish died. Many thanks, -Cyprinidae 03/20/14 edit by DNAlex: At the request of the OP, I have edited the title to reflect that starting on page 2, there will be necropsy pictures. If you do not wish to see these pics, do not go past page 1. Thank you!
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