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  1. Could it be flukes on top of the water quality? One of my fish was rubbing against the glass with flukes. Goldfish in most of the lfss I have been to have them Not to difficult to treat though. Mod opinion? *not a mod, and I am not sure, so don't do anything without mod recommendation!
  2. That is so lush! Love those amazon swords. Thanks! I hope your planted tank goes well
  3. Thanks! So the extra conditioner won't bother the fish? It isn't extra conditioner. Since you will be adding potentially toxic (i.e chlorinated) water directly to the tank, you need to add a full dose of conditioner to make sure everything is detoxified. With Seachem Prime, you can add up to 5x the dose and not see an issue. It even says that on the back of the bottle. Regularly in the Diagnosis and Treatment section it is recommended to double-prime when a fish is in an unfiltered hospital tank with an illness that will require medicated treatments. Thank you!
  4. Thanks! So the extra conditioner won't bother the fish?
  5. I have a 10g planted tank on a shelf under my goldfish setup, and it has worked out really well so far! It has been there for just over a year http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/117730-10g-planted-tank-photos/
  6. Hi Guys, I tried using my new python water changer for the first time yesterday, and it worked great (so much better than buckets), but I wasn't sure what to do with the water conditioner. If I add it before refilling the tank, will it mix with the new water and dechlorinate it? or will it react with the air and not work on the new water? If I add it after the water change, could the brief exposure to chlorine mess up my cycle? In both of these scenarios the fish would be out of the tank for the change, of course :3. How do other people here manage conditioner with python changers? I'm thinking there must be some obvious method that I'm not thinking of. Thanks!
  7. This is beautiful! Love your pond!
  8. Tanks! She probably seemed so perfect to me because I was having trouble choosing between an oranda and a ryukin (So I got one thats in-between) She definitely looks more like the other ryukins on rain garden than the orandas there, but I could see her looking like an oranda from another breeder here's the pic that rain garden took: (she looks a little more like a ryukin from this angle)
  9. how is the water? snails don't always tolerate nitrate very well, i have heard that sometimes they try and crawl away if the levels are high. (Just an idea. Mod?)
  10. haha yeah she had been on the page since january i think
  11. thanks I liked that she has a mini-wen, its cute She might have a little oranda in her (or maybe she just magically sprouted a wen )
  12. Hi guys! This is my adorable ryukin, Chiba, who arrived from Rain Garden this afternoon. I thought I'd do a photo shoot while she's in the qt tank
  13. Ok, so she's doing really well now Thank you for all your help! Tithra, I think you were right about the pH because she's been in that bag for a few days and it was 6.4, and my water is generally 7.6-8.0. It was a bit of a bumpy transition but she seems to have settled in.
  14. Thanks! I called Steve and he said to be patient. I'll check the pH. For now all the lights are off and I'll try the towel idea
  15. Thanks guys! she isn't lying on her side anymore, but she's bottom sitting quite a bit. I will call Steve. Here's a video (please excuse the music/my sister in the background), what do you think? Does she seem ok?
  16. Hi guys! Im a little scared because my new fish just came from rain garden and i put her straight from her bag into the tank with very short acclamation (as suggested in the instructions from rain garden) and now she is lying on her side. she's breathing but I'm worried D: she's in a 15 gal unfiltered quarantine tank for now. Any suggestions? is this normal for fish with little acclamation? Thanks ill fill out the info in a minute, but I have to leave right now and I'm stressed about this so i thought id just post it now anyways. please help! thanks
  17. Those are both cute, but the one they gave you looks nothing like the one you ordered! that's why i am terrified of buying things online haha
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