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  1. Lol Ranchu... No problem. I felt funny typing in the topic headline. I will wait wait out a few days and see how things pan out. I have a 24 gallon cube with 2 oranda I could possibly move him to. It has a emperor 280 on it but I didn't want to have it over stalked. What to do? Hmm. 1 oranda 1 crown pearl
  2. Thanks for the quick reply chaos. I will dig up a tank divider ASAP. This was a flowerhorn tank, so I should have one somewhere. How long should I have them separated. I did notice that it is 3 degrees warmer in the 60. 76 ATM. He looks so innocent and derpy. Then....
  3. Hello, I currently have 4 ranchu in a 60 gal. For a while I had about 8 3inch ranchu in there and they lived peacefully for many months. Note: I was collecting extra fish for my sister in Arizona, she fell in love with ranchu, thus the overstock. A few weeks ago my lfs received many bubble eyes. There was one that was a super strong swimmer, so I took him home. Prazi, salt, metro. I just placed him with the ranchus a few days ago. Eating great and no issues with the 2 xp3 and ac110 with regards to swimming. Problem is he is constantly chasing or sucking on the sides of the ranchu. Honestly, I though it would of been the other way around. I was wondering if this was normal for bubble eyes? What can I do to calm him down. I don't have extra tank space And with small kids at home the Rubbermaid tub freaked me out a lot. I kept office locked. Any suggestion? I really like him too.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I wenyt ahead and. Got them.
  5. Hello all, I have a 60 gal. Running a rena xp4. I was intrested in running a aquaclear 110. Rated for tanks 60-100 gallon. My question is, will the current be too strong for ranchus? Also regarding the intake, is the suction too strong. Where the fish can get stuck on the intake and hurt themselves The Ac will be in addition to the xp4
  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. Sakura : I took a look at your blog on photography. It was very informative. i'll try to implement those tips next time I photo.
  7. Great job. I like the cleanliness of your tank. Awesome photos as well.
  8. Great looking fish. Wonderful photo technique as well. Very crisp.
  9. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I hope your enjoying. I use aged water for my goldfish so I can keep parameters consistant. Its a old habit from doing discus and saltwater. I have 2 55 gallon trash cans in my garage that I predissove my aquarium salt in. I also have a pump running in there and a heater set at 72. Its mostly a convinience issue. my off days I fill up 5gal jugs with top off water and place it near tank. It sorta forces me to water change the next day. Im on the fence about the sand at the moment, noticed a significant amount of debris when I siphoned this morning. Perhaps I'll thin in out alot. The 3 extra fish added quite a bit more mess with the extra feeding. I can see why the recommended water per fish is so high. I'll try to do larger waterchanges and hopefully I can put some size on these guys. Any tips on photo's? Point and shoot settings?
  10. Dodge: Thanks for the advice. The Xp4 runs @450gal/hr. I have a emperor 280 I can throw on for now. Any quiet Hob filters? Having a back up is a great idea. Egads, 80% water change. Perhaps it time to invest in the python. I dont have enough aged water for that. Treated tap ok? Stakos and others. Thanks for the great comments. Its a pleasure learning about goldfish and enjoying everyone success and advice on Kokos.
  11. Oh wow, The wen does look like those on the pearlscales. Thanks for sharing the photos Pearscaleperfect. The wenphotos is whatthe attracted me , very unusual. The kids named it, Flat-top. Do they often grow large enough that I'll have to trim? I went through a few articals on wen trimming and honestly, sort of freaks me out. They are roughly 3" body wise now. About how old are they? Im not planning on adding anymore. Went to the lfs to pick up 2. Then couln't pass on the orange guy. how long can they live in the 60? Also, do you think the oranda is stunted? I want to grow them big as possible. Been exciting so far.
  12. Opps... Hes been in there about 2months and has grown alot. Curious about his wen. Is that normal growth? He swims well and can see. I few days ago I add 3 Ranchus. They were quarantined for a month in a 20 gal. Treated with prazipro, they had tons of worms. Also used aquarium salt. Was concerned about about them losing black and blues so I also installed another bulb. 48" aquaglo. I read on here it helps to darken the black. Fingers are crossed. Made the orange and red colors pop alot. But also added a pink tint to sand. Anyhow, I hope everything works out. 5gal water change every other day with aged water 15gal water change on weekend Fed hikari, NLS, algae wafers, peas, cucumbers, frozen mosquito larve and bloodworms Trained to feed over sandy area Is this enough filtration? I like it, its ultra quiet. Photo tips with a point and shoot? Better ways to darken fish?
  13. Well first off, this has been a great site. On a random trip to a lfs I fell for this Funky headed goldfish and a intrest in keeping fancy goldfish. The local dude said it would be ok in my 12gallon nano. He was bagged and placed in our kitchen tank. Goldfish are easy I thought. I'm currently keeping Malawain Cichlids(180gal) and a 200gal Saltwater fish and live rock only. This guy is a real character. After a few months he was moved into a 60gal. 60 gal Rena XP4 Rena 150wtt heater (set @72) 48" Powerglo light
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