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  1. I don't think it's fish lice. It was just a dark spot, but it's gone now. He's doing fine right now, but he was at the top of the tank practically all day gulping for air. And the other two fish are fine, it's just the oranda so I don't think it's bad aeration. If it was wouldn't all three fish be at the top?
  2. I changed my mind about putting the dwarf baby tears in my 55g . I'll just have to set up a 10g Betta tank . Thanks for your advice .
  3. The dark spot is gone. But for the past 30 minutes, he's been at the very top of the tank gulping for air . He will occasionally go back down to hang out with his buddy, the common, but he isn't swimming as well. Usually, he can keep up easily with the common, but he's not now. The other fish are fine though. It's just the oranda that is having problems.
  4. I know I'm really going out on a limb with the carpet, but I really don't mind spending the extra money. Of course, it will be awhile before I can setup everything (sometime late December since I can get most of what I need for x-Mas and my birthday . Thanks for your honest opinions
  5. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I was planning on getting a high lighting system and CO2 anyway and that was when I saw a baby tears carpet in other tanks. I think I might try it once I get a setup going with one pot and see how they handle it. If it doesn't work, then I'm just going to have to setup a 10g .
  6. I've never treated with salt and no there was no ammonia bump. Just the really high nitrates.
  7. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 Tank Ph: 7.6 Test Kit: API Freshwater Master Test Kit (drops) Temp: 70 F Tank Size/Age: 55g, 2 months old Filter: AC 50 (200 gph) & Top Fin 60 (300 gph) WCs: 50% every Wednesday and Friday due to high Nitrates (more frequently since a Nitrate spike) Last water change: today, 50% How Many/How Big: 3 goldfish, 1 3inch common, 1 3inch Oranda, 1 2inch comet Conditioner: Prime Feeding: agar agar gel food 3% percent of their body weight split into 3 feedings New fish: none Meds: None Prior Problems: none Med History: none Abnormal things on fish: dark spot on the oranda's gill Unusual behavior: all three of the fish "yawn". The oranda yawns the most. Recently, I was away for about 4 days on a family vacation. So I did a water change before I left and asked someone to feed my fish and turn on/off the lights at appropriate times. I've been having a problem with constant high nitrates so I've been doing frequent 50%-60% water changes. Nitrates were at 5 when I left. When i came back, I checked the tank and noticed a dark spot on Ed's (the oranda) gill. I tested the water and the nitrates were between 40-80! I did a 80% water change immediately and the nitrates were down to 20. Yesterday, the day after i came back, I did a 60% wc and the nitrates were 10. Today, I did another 50% and the nitrates dropped back down to 5. The dark spot has started to fade away, but it's still kinda there. Does the nitrate spike have anything to do with the dark spot and the yawning?
  8. An update on Radar: His floaty behavior has completely disappeared . He doesn't need to gulp air at the surface anymore after eating. In fact, he's almost never at the top of the tank unless it's feeding time . He's noticably bigger now since when i got him . I finally don't have to worry about his health anymore! Now I need to find out what on earth I'm going to do with him. I was considering putting him in the main tank but then I'd be pushing it with overstocking. And I don't know how he would do with my three fast swimmers who constantly travel in a pack (I swear it's a constant game of follow the leader in the main tank--Banzai, the common, is always the leader). I wanted to give him away originally but I don't know anyone who would take good care of him. Then I thought of just keeping him in the 20g QT and buying another QT, but I'm kind of tight on funds (as I am an unemployed teenager :/). Any opinions as to what I could do with him?
  9. Recently (as in this morning , I fell in love with the idea of a carpet of dwarf baby tears in my Goldie tank. Has anyone had any luck with this? My goldfish don't really bother with plants at all, but I'm still hesitant about buying the baby tears and having it turn into a salad bar. However, I'm still willing to try . If it doesn't work out, I'll just have to turn my old 10g into a Betta tank with a baby tears carpet . I've been researching lighting options for awhile now my for 55g and I like the t-5 HO option so far. How many watts of T-5 HO should I have in the goldie tank that would give the baby tears the amount of lighting that it needs? If you could recommend a system, I would greatly appreciate it . I like the Zoo Med Aqua Sun Dual T-5 HO Lamp so far. Each Zoo Med bulb is 54 watts and there's 3 different types of bulbs for the system (Ultra Sun, Flora Sun, and something for reefs). Ultra Sun is supposed to mimic natural sunlight for the fish and Flora Sun is supposed to be good for plant growth. I think I would need more than 108 watts for baby tears though. Please let me know what your opinions are
  10. Yeah, that's what I was thinking
  11. Havent ordered the plants yet *sigh*. I have another question: how many inches of substrate should I put in that will be healthy for both plants and goldfish?
  12. Radar is doing much better. Still a teeny bit floaty but only after eating. He goes to the top and sucks up some air and seems fine after that. Should I put him in my main tank with the others? He looks healthy. Nothing abnormal about his fins, scales, body, etc. He swims fine now and seems much happier than when I received him.
  13. okay I'm getting both then thanks for the help you guys
  14. I would like substrate because the bottom of my used tank is a little scratched up because of the gravel the previous owner was using (none of the scratches are huge or enough to make my worry, just unsightly). Can I get both? I was planning on tieing the anubias to some rocks anyway And I don't mind their slow growth And I read on multiple websites that anubias do well in low lighting too . And I love the way java ferns and swords look too which is why I love the low light package
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