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  1. I have a large moss ball and a 5 inch oranda, and he doesn't eat the moss ball at all, just pushes it around from time to time
  2. I buy/sell on eBay a lot and I feel like this is... Just not cool. My mom has a little creek that runs through here neighborhood, and about half the fish we see in there are golden- looking carp, and there's a lot of water turtles, bullfrogs, etc. I couldn't imagine just going out there with a net and deciding I'm gonna sell whatever I get out of the river.
  3. I think Alex is my oranda idol. I couldn't even focus on the other elements because your fish are so beautiful.
  4. Ok, thanks ShawneeRiver! You gave me the answers I was looking for... now I have to mull it over. There are pros and cons both ways... hmm
  5. Seriously, they have the prettiest orandas right now, but I want to set up a bigger tank (properly) before I get anymore fish Maybe I'll make my bathtub an indoor pond ;P
  6. This is weirdly... Cute? Like those little wheel chairs they make for dogs that have lost legs.
  7. It's like oranda scales in a pearlscale body... Cool hybrid!
  8. Sally has a nice "subtle" wen, and she has a really good body conformation! Beautiful oranda! All your fish are so cute! Seeing all these cute ryukins around the forum is making me want one lol
  9. Beautiful oranda! Yeah, that wen is definitely unique! But there's nothing wrong with being special
  10. Those koi are huge! Their nostrils have nostrils! THEIR WISKERS HAVE WISKERS!!!
  11. Thanks Fang! I will do this from now on!
  12. Wow! I can't wait to see them grow more! Really good pics! I gotta get on the hunt for a female, I want fry! lol
  13. Ok, thanks guys! I'm gonna get some when I start my bigger tank project!
  14. Took some pics of Yoshi after I cleaned his tank. I windexed the outside of the tank so that made it even harder to get good pics without a glare! Anyways, enjoy!
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